Tuesday, July 3, 2012

WTF Tuesday

What a healthy breakfast I had!

Lunch was leftovers from Shish Kabob Express.  Unusually good for food from a place called 'Shish Kabob Express'.

Mr. SV brought in dinner from Thai Deelish. I didn't ask him to, in fact, there was really no stopping him. He loves that place.
No dessert tonight, I was too stuffed from dinner.
Coming up tomorrow: Let there be Vegenaisse!~ (I tried leaving some comments on other blogs, but some google glitch kept saying I had to 'pick a profile', so I'll catch up tomorrow (unless I never have a profile)).


foodfeud said...

Cute comic - those are pretty much my plans too.
Great looking cherries! I've still got a bunch to use up too.
my friend says that when he uses a touch-screen to pay for things and it doesn't read, he questions whether or not he has a soul. maybe the "profile" thing is the same for you.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

That actually made me LOL (laugh out loud). Maybe your friend just needs to work out a little bit. Develop some muscle.

Ingrid said...

That was very kind of him! It looks like a delicious dinner!

Surprisingly, Remy is alert to the sound of fireworks but doesn't cower or hide. Not that they'll be any around here - strict fire ban (obviously).

Do you use Firefox? In the past it was my default browser, and it regularly told me the same thing. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome haven't done that for me. Between the camera and the computer - we need to send you some good electronics vibes!

xvavaveganx said...

Those cherries look awesome! I'm currently chowing down on some cherries too :) Lunch and dinner look delicious too! This is a food day to be majorly jealous of and you better believe I am!!

Have a happy 4th!

blessedmama said...

Okay, your commenting problem is what happened to me last year. Remember when I was gone for three months because I couldn't comment on anyone's blogs, and I was totally frustrated? If you are signed in, which you probably are since you posted, then you should already have a profile. Check to see if when you go to other blogs, if you are still signed in by looking at the top right corner. When I had this problem, I was signed in, but when I went to other blogs, it said "Sign In" in the corner. So...the only way I remedied that was to change to Firefox and leave Explorer. Don't know what browser you are using, and I hope this isn't a problem that plagues you.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Ingrid & Blessed Mama, I switched to Firefox from Safari and that seems to have 'temporarily at least' done the trick.

VaVa, yep, it is Cherry Week. Glad you partook as well.

Amanda J said...

It's the 4th and I'm dog-sitting, so that last image is quite apropos. So far, this pup just barks at the really loud bangs, but is mostly just nervously chewing on a Nylabone. He's hanging in there!