Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday, July 2nd

The usual breakfast...
I got a Groupon-induced carryout lunch from Shish Kabob Express. Two Vegetarian Platters $9.99 consisting of two orders of Hummus, two of Dolmeh, one of Chickpeas and one of Spinach. Plus tons of Naan. Best Dolmeh I've ever had, not vinegary like some can be. Creamy Hummus. The Chickpeas and Naan were great too.
The rest of the Nigerian Peanut Soup for dinner.
German Choc Cake from The Common Market for dessert
It looks moist and delicious, but it was actually dry and mediocre. Appearances can be deceiving.
Coming up tomorrow: WTF Grub.


Molly said...

You're right about looks being deceiving sometimes- I've been very disappointed in cake slices before when I've gotten them, several times.

Glad you enjoyed the soup. Other than the salad you'll be trying next, make sure to try the West African Spinach w/spicy peanut sauce. It's our favorite! We serve it over rice & with seitan, but it would be good as a stand alone, too.

foodfeud said...

Oh too bad about the cake. It does look great. I've actually made friends by baking German chocolate cupcakes. When it's good, it's great.

Ingrid said...

I think that's why I've stayed away from dolemh - I don't want too much vinegar taste. I like pickles, but I'm not going to drink the juice (Snooki style).

Are you SO EXCITED about having Wednesday off?! I'm excited for you. :) said...

oh i love groupon! such great deals! and that cake...oh my gosh!

Miss Rachel said...

Ooh an action shot of the banana on the road!

Lunch looks especially delicious. I was going to say I've never had dolmeh before, but I just googled them, and realized they're stuffed grape leaves which I definitely have had - and yum.

Happy almost holiday!

xvavaveganx said...

Very cool breakfast shot! Must have been some bad traffic!

That lunch looks amazing!! I'm kind go jealous of your dolmeh as I'm sure you knew I would be. The hummus and chickpeas look great! Definitely a good groupon buy :)

Bummer about that cake! It looks so good, it's always disappointing when something that looks that awesome isn't great. Boo!

Happy almost 4th! Do something fun for me tomorrow please since I have to work a wedding :)

blessedmama said...

Wow, Indian, Nigerian and German food all in one day? That's what I call gettin' around. Looks delicious.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, thanks for the rec on the Spinach, I'm really looking forward to trying other recipes since the first one came out so well.

FF, what kind of 'friends' are these? Sounds like something to discuss with the therapist.

Ingrid, VaVa must have a high tolerance for vinegar (she's crazy for the dolmeh). The extreme heat will probably put a 'damper' on my fun, but thanks for being excited for me.

GFHTummy, thanks for looking!

Miss Rachel, Happy Almost Holiday. Have fun at your Mother's.

VaVa, just a really long traffic light. Getting married on the 4th of July is a good idea: free fireworks.

Blessed Mama, it's called a 'cultured palate' don't ya know? And where the h*ll have you been?!