Wednesday, January 2, 2013

WTF Wednesday

I'm not a big Muffin person, but I have some Apples to use up, so yesterday one went into a batch of these Apple Muffins. Super simple recipe, just my speed, and the result was pretty darn good warmed up with some local Apple Butter. Won't be too much of a hardship to eat eleven more of these.
Hummus on an Everything Bagel for lunch...
Dinner was the Corn Chowder I picked up on Christmas Day from Loving Hut. It may look kinda blah, but it was pretty awesome. Sweet Niblets! Also Potatoey and creamy. Well done.
Kavli Crispbreads and PB for dessert.
Teddy was caught via night vision goggles cleaning the PB jar.
More of the same tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I don't blame Teddy. Cleaning peanut butter jars is delicious!

The muffins with apple butter sound terrific. I had a Shen style breakfast today of banana + peanut butter. :)

xvavaveganx said...

OMG Teddy! How freaking adorable!!! Love that pic so much :)

Today was a really great food day! Those muffins look perfect, I don't think I'd have a problem eating the rest of those either. Yum! Your bagel looks really great too and I'm glad you finally got to the corn chowder. It looks great! Corn chowder is a perfect meal for a cold night :)

Unknown said...

That muffin looks great with the apple chunk in the middle... I must say i don't understand any anti- muffin-ness. I rarely meet one i don't like!
The peanut butter puppy shot is adorable- my parents dog have a crazy "kong" toy that they put peanut butter in the middle of and he is occupied for hours, and its hysterical to watch

Ingrid said...

Hooray for everything bagel sandwich! Yum! I have high standards for Corn Chowder, so I'm glad this one was up to snuff.

Aww, Teddy! It's a tough job licking all the way to the bottom - good to know he was up for the challenge.

Alessandra said...

Happy New Year!!!


Miss Rachel said...

I agree the muffin looks delicious, but it's the lunch that's really photogenic with those beautiful tomato slices. I'm sure Teddy did a good job on that peanut butter jar

blessedmama said...

What an awesome food day. Nothing better than an apple muffin with apple butter to start it off. And there's a lot more than just hummus on those bagels - I'd snarf them up. Teddy looks just like our pups eating that pb! I've got to get some shots of them doing that, too. Happy New Year, girl.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, sounds like an awesome breakfast you had. I'd like to see how you would approach photographing it. Why are PB jars too small for most puppy heads to fit in completely?

VaVa, if only I knew how to adjust the lighting for my pics like you do. Not enough to actually study it though.

Unknown, I tried the Kong toy with our pups and they weren't into it at all. I really wanted them to like it.

Ingrid, this was my first Corn Chowder and my expectations were very low. It's nice to be presently surprised for a change.

Alessandra, guess it's been 2013 for a while now 'done there'? Happy New Year to you!

Miss Rachel, I can always count on the Tomato Slices to look good.

Blessed Mama, you take pics of everyone and everything but the pups! Let's start seeing some.