Saturday, January 12, 2013

Saturday, January 12th

I'd been wanting to eat at Clydes Willow Creek Farm for several years, just because I'd read so much about the gorgeously renovated historical building that houses the restaurant. Lately, I'd been noticing a Lentil Burger sticking around on the oft-changing menu. Naturally, I thought this was my big vegan invitation. Alas, the Lentil Burger turned out not to be vegan. Typical. So Mr & I split the Hummus Appetizer $9.50...
and they made me a 'Vegan Veggie Medley' $14.95 (Green Beans, Sweet Potatoes and Red Peppers, Sauteed Chard). It was all decent but not worth the cost. Now if they served Busboys & Poets grub at Willow Creek Farm. That would be ideal...for me.
Hazelnut Cranberry Field Roast En Croute and Roasted Brussel Sprouts for dinner.
The other half of my 'Kitchen Sink' type cookie from Dawson's Market with some White Chocolate Peanut Butter on top for dessert.
I bought a $15 basket today because it appeared the perfect size for a kitty to curl up in. Thumper readily agreed and stayed in the basket all afternoon and evening so at least I got my money's worth there.
Tomorrow we gotta get lunch in before Mr. SV's 1:30 football starts. Same as last week.


Anonymous said...

That stinks about the lentil burger. Why do restaurants ruin a perfectly vegan meal by adding something non-vegan to it? The hummus plate is pretty but those definitely are some steep prices for what you got. Was the building as great as you imagined?

Spreading white chocolate peanut butter on that cookie is a genius move and Thumper just won a piece of my heart. <3

Mike's watching the Packers right now. What team are you rooting for?

xvavaveganx said...

That pic of Thumper is cuteness overload. I love all of the names of your pups and kitties. So adorable.

Such a bummer about the lentil burger. The hummus looks really good but I agree that the pricing is pretty high. That dessert looks pretty perfect!

Ingrid said...

As I drove around during the first half of today's playoff game, there was so little traffic - borderline ghost town. Ha! I hope Mr. SV takes you out before his required viewing.

I can see why you'd want to visit Clydes Willow Creek Farm - the building does look beautiful. $15 for a vegetable medley is a bit much; glad to know the same price gets you hours upon hours of kitty cuteness.

Nikki said...

Lucky kitten. I need a basket to curl up in about now. The hummus and veg plate look fresh and delicious, but not exactly satisfying if I had my heart set on a lentil burger. Alas, the cookie and and happy cat are the highlights of your post :)

~M~ said...

The cost for basic vegetables at restaurants is ridiculous.

foodfeud said...

Too bad about the burger. I hate when that happens. The restaurant itself sounds interesting though.
So what's in the kitchen sink cookie? Despite the name it just looks like chocolate chips.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Molly, yes, the building was absolutely gorgeous. A real destination. Wish I took pics of it. Sorry your guys lost. We usually root for the Redskins, but that train has sailed.

VaVa, since I will never be naming any humans, I do take naming my fur babies very seriously.

Ingrid, it's a ghost town during Redskins games here. Sorry your guys lost. We know how that is.

Nikki, I try to get a daily critter pic in to punch things up around here. Doesn't always work out, obvs.

M, restaurants should encourage Vegans as a way to make more revenue! Duh!

FF, it's like a Oatmeal Raisin Cookie with Chocolate Chips too. Really awesome. Gotta take a pic of the description next time I get one.