Saturday, January 5, 2013

Saturday, January 5th

Breakfast was a cup of Vegan Chili $4.50 at Black Bear Bistro...
Lunch was the Vegan Burger $8.95. An outstanding handmade burger that more than made up for the mediocre Blackened Tofu I had there two weeks ago.
TJ's Chickenless Chickn with Imagine Mushroom Gravy and Pepperidge Farm Stuffing for dinner.
Carrot Cake from Dawson's Market for dessert. 
So few ingredients to make such a extravagant dessert.
Although most of my readers appear to be urban dwellers, this is just a reminder for any rural readers to make some 'Vegan Suet' - PB & Corn Meal mixed together till it's the consistency of Silly Putty - for over-wintering birds.
Jasper peeking out the barn door.
Thumper watching me make the Vegan Suet.
Will I get Mr. SV out to lunch tomorrow before the 1:00 pm kick-off?


xvavaveganx said...

Yay critter pics!! Love Jasper and Thumper, they are so freaking cute! I have no clue about the suet but that is sweet of you to do for the birdies!

That burger looks phenomenal! Glad it made up for the blackened tofu. The stuffing looks really yummy and that cake! Yum!! Love carrot cake.

Good luck getting out before kickoff! Is Mr. SV the football fan or both of you? Or just you? I don't know anything about football (I'm assuming that's what you are talking about, ha!). Good luck!

foodfeud said...

The burger does look really great. I always appreciate a restaurant that actually makes their own burgers rather than serving up a frozen fake meat slab you can buy anywhere for cheaper.
Good tip on the suet! I won't ask what not-vegan suet is but I'll let my mom know. She's big on "da boids."
In re: the kraut, I can't remember the brand I usually get but Woodstock is another good one. In the German/Polish parts of Brooklyn there are entire aisles devoted to the stuff...

Anonymous said...

I took a look at their menu and the burger sounds as good as it looks. I love places that rotate menus by season, too. Nice to have variety like that.

I had no idea about making suet like that. We don't have a suet holder, but I'll have to pick one up because I'd love to do that. While there aren't many birds here right now, there are a few and I miss seeing them in the yard. Thanks for the tip!

Ingrid said...

I sure hope you're having this breakfast/lunch combo at 11am, as I couldn't imagine being awake for hours and not having at least an apple or nuts. Shen, you are a stronger woman than I. :)

Good to know! There are so many squirrels here that this urban dweller would only be feeding them. Grandma in Falls Church has a big bird feeder, and bird watching on the enclosed back porch is favorite past time. I'll ask her about her winter birds, and share this idea!

sara said...

the veggie burger looks great! i'm so happy when restaurants make their own burgers.

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, Mr. SV is the football fan. I just hear 'Blah Blah Blah' for six months and look forward to eating Nachos on Super Bowl Sunday.

FF, most times I wish the restaurant would just have the Boca Burgers rather than try to make their own, but this was an exception. Thanks for the the Sauerkraut rec. I want something really good.

Molly, hope you attract Woodpeckers and their ilk rather than Starlings. Starlings are what you'll attract with the PB/Cornmeal mix if you don't have much wooded area near you.

Ingrid, I'm not an early riser like you school teacher types. 11am was when we got to the restaurant, so it wasn't too long a wait to 'tie on the feed bag'.

Sara, Austin probably has much better vegan burgers than Virginia. Probably better vegan everything.