Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sunday, April 22

Breakfast was a Soy Mocha Frappuccino from Starbucks (steadied between my knees).  I have no idea why this sentence is cut in half by this pic). 
Lunch was  a cup of Vegan Chili $4.50
..and the White Bean and Olive Bruschetta served on toasted French Bread with Vegan Cheese  $8.95 at Black Bear Bistro.
Blessed Mama's Maple Glazed Seitan Roast with HP Sauce, Baked Potatoes and Rainbow Chard for dinner.
The Peanut Butter Cupcakes with Melty Ganache from VCTOTW for dessert. Yes, I baked them myself yesterday.
Coming up tomorrow: Trying to maintain todays level of deliciousness.


Molly said...

The peanut butter cupcakes from that book are so good. I haven't had them forever. Jealous!

Ingrid said...

Hooray for the Black Bear Bistro! I'm glad Mr. Shen was willing to go. I'm also hoping you brought home a few treats for later?!

foodfeud said...

The bruschetta looks awesome. How great that they offer vegan cheese, too, especially in a not 100% vegan restaurant. I also like the bowl that the chili is served in...

Bean said...

Looks like a great food day! I wish I had some pb cupcakes!

xvavaveganx said...

Re: yesterday's post... Chicken flavor in the tofu scramble?!!? that is ridiculous! I don't even understand how the milk would work its way in there either to be honest.

Whew, ok onto the good stuff ;) Yes for the mocha frappuccino! I think I may have to try that when the summer truly hits and it is super toasty hot outside. I'm glad you got to go to the Black Bear Bistro and it looks like you had a great meal! That bruschette looks amazing (minus the olives of course ;]). That rainbow chard looks great and you did a great job on the pb cupcakes!

Miss Rachel said...

Delicious food day! That frappuccino looks like a frosty delight. I am very impressed with your cupcakes; I'd like to check out that cookbook.

Alessandra said...

How are you, been absent for a while, kids had two weeks holiday, lucky them, busy Mum! :-).
The chili looks good.


blessedmama said...

That chili looks good! You must be getting sick of that seitan by now, poor thing.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, I'm sure the PB Muffins you make for Emma & Rowan are better than these cupcakes.

Ingrid, I was determined to get that Chili and Bruschetta yesterday. No carryout this time.

FF, agreed. Heckuva great place, that BBB.

Bean, the Cupcakes could've been more Peanut Buttery for my tastes.

VaVa, there must be about thirty ingredients in the WF's Tofu Scramble. Very unlike them. Beware the Frappuccino brain freezes;-)

Miss Rachel, the PB cupcakes weren't the best I've had from VCTOTW. Stick to your cookies and brownies for now.

Alessandra, a two week holiday? We only get one week spring break. Everything is better 'down under'.

Blessed Mama, your Maple Glazed Seitan recipe is what I've been searching for for years. Sorry, but it's gonna be on the blog for a long long time.

kimberly said...

i've been making a lot of iced coffee at home lately in an attempt to finish the thesis...quite the motivator it is!