Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday, April 13th

Lunch was at PF Changs. Started with some Spring Rolls...
my MaPo Tofu. They really gave me an enormous portion and I ate all of it.
Vegan Chili from Black Bear Bistro for dinner.
Salami on an English Muffin with lots of Vegenaisse for dessert. Yes, I like the little white specs in the Salami.
Hard to tell from the pics, but it was a delicious day.


Rose said...

Oh, it's Friday the 13th...Dun, dun, daaaa...

Everything looks super yum! Your lunch is flush with broccoli! I read an article yesterday that talked about when we chew raw broccoli, it produces a chemical that boosts toxin-cleaning enzymes in the liver. The same thing happens with cooked broccoli, so long as you cut it and let it sit for 30 or 40 minutes before you cook it.

I like your dessert selection...that's totally my kind of dessert.

Happy Weekend Shen!

Miss Rachel said...

Did you skip breakfast?

I love spring rolls and the tofu looks good too. I have never been to PF Chang's but there is one not too far from me.

I usually like something sweet after dinner, but I could totally have that salami at breakfast or lunch.

Jenny said...

I would have to close my salami sandwich so that I couldn't focus on the meat-life specks while I was eating it. But sometimes I do prefer a salty/savory dessert. I have been obsessed with vegenaisse lately. Have a good weekend!

Ingrid said...

No rice with your MaPo Tofu? Again, a little spring roll envy. . .

Yves certainly does a nice job with their "meat" products!

Hope you're Saturday has been great!

Molly said...

Mmmmmmm.... I want your lunch!

You know, after seeing the title of your post I just put together that it was Friday the 13th yesterday. How did I miss that?!

I hope you're having a great weekend!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Rose, PF Changs always does right by the Broccoli. Happy Weekend, Rose!

Miss Rachel, just couldn't get it together to photograph breakfast yesterday.

Jenny, I just mentioned the white specks cuz someone else was mentioning them in earlier comments that they were gross.

Ingrid, I bring home the rice for Mr. SV or the pups or other recipes. This time it is for future recipes. Stay tuned!

Molly, yesterday I got a speeding ticket and our DVD player died. Still, I didn't blame Friday the 13th. Wonder if I should?