Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday, April 1st

Breakfast was a pre-wrapped Sandwich I picked up yesterday at Sticky Fingers.
The Bagel itself was enjoyable, but I can't say the innards were that great.
Greatness was soon achieved with the two Artichokes I steamed for lunch. It certainly doesn't look like an inviting food in the pic, but I assure you it was very pleasurable. So fun dipping in Vegenaisse mixed with a little Balsamic Vinaigrette.
Mr. SV was in the area of Black Bear Bistro today, so he brought home some of their incredible Veggie Chili for dinner.
The Chili was more than satisfying, but I chose to have some No Egg Egg Salad on Toast for dinner II.
Then I was too full for dessert. Coming up tomorrow: Different food items than those normally seen on this blog.


foodfeud said...

Very cool you steamed those artichokes. I'm too scared that I'll do something wrong or it'll be way more confusing than it sounds.

Ingrid said...

Sad news about the breakfast sandwich - I've found pre-made breakfast burritos at WF, and they were pretty gross.

I love artichokes, will have to steal your sauce idea!

Veggie chili sounds really good! I've been in a soup mood recently.

Different food? What will it be?!

Miss Rachel said...

The sandwich looks good, but I can imagine its contents would not hold up well for that long. I like my bagels with just Earth Balance "butter."

The rest of the food looks good. Artichokes are so unusual and cool. I will have to post about the eggless egg salad I made recently.

Molly said...

I LOVE artichokes like that! I never thought of dipping in Vegenaise. I bet it's super delicious.

xvavaveganx said...

Those artichokes look awesome! I had my first steamed artichoke in college, I couldn't believe it took me so long to try it! I haven't had it many times since, I should get on that!

Bummer about the yucky sandwich but everything else looks great!!

I'm very interested to see what the new food is!

Rose said...

The sandwich does sound promising from reading the ingredients...I assume Spike is a seasoning mix or something? Too bad it didn't meet up to its promise.

Mmm, I love artichokes! I'll be tuned in to see the food items never seen before! :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

FF, the problem with steamed Artichokes is that they're only made once or twice a year, so in the inbetween months, one forgets how easy they are to make. But you can do it. Just steam them for 40 minutes and dont eat the spines or fur.

Ingrid, your WFs has so many different things than mine. Surprised their Breakfast Burrito wouldn't be good.

Miss Rachel, a Bagel with just plain EB seems too decadent for me. Very much like Blessed Mama. I hardly ever use EB as a spread.

Molly, Artichokes are really delicious with Vegenaisse, just don't over-do it or you will feel sick afterwards. Been there.

VaVa, the window of opportunity is so so short to try the steamed Artichokes.

Rose, yes, I believe Spike is like Mrs. Dash. Well, it's a food item never seen before 'on this blog'. Cuz I just made it yesterday. You're gonna be so disappointed.

Jenny said...

ooo, i always want to make an artichoke like that, but i always feel afraid to try. you make it sound easy, though, so maybe soon.