Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WTF Wednesday

A Rising Sun Smoothie Experiment for breakfast (a Tablespoon of Spirulina is waay too much for a single Smoothie. Tasted extremely green and made a big mess. Lesson learned).
Tofurky Italian Deli Sandwich for lunch..
The day started with a Rising Sun and ended with Rising Moon Spinach Florentine Ravioli.
Two more scorching hot work days till the weekend. Hope there's good grub involved. Stay tuned.


xvavaveganx said...

Yikes, bummer the smoothie didn't turn out. I have yet to experiment with spirulina, it makes me nervous! You are brave! :)

Love that you started the day with a Rising sun and ended with a rising moon :) Two more days of work, we can do it!

Anonymous said...

bummer about the smoothie! it looks like your pasta made up for it though! yum!!

foodfeud said...

Oh, spirulina is definitely pretty testy stuff. But yr gonna try again, right?? Is there spinach in the smoothie?? Why am I so obsessed with this thing??

Ingrid said...

The Rising Sun Smoothie has always sounded particularly difficult. It's the like the Pho broth that I can't possibly replicate.

Yum, ravioli!

Rose said...

Oh my, those ravioli look the business!

Yeah, a tablespoon sounds like a bit much for one little smoothie...I usually use about a scant teaspoon.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, I don't think I'm gonna make it!

GFHTummy, thanks for looking!

FF, the Spirulina was looking to go everywhere but in the Smoothie. I am gonna get this RSS recreated if it kills me. Nope, no Spinach -- just Plant Milk, Spirulina, Molasses and Tahini blended well with a bunch of ice (or so I'm told).

Ingrid, methinks you're right. The secret recipe probably has regular heavy cream or something along those lines.

Rose, who knew you could have too much spirulina?