Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday, June 8th

Strawberries for breakfast again. Such a positive way to start the day. I intend to stock up on more berries.
A Roasted Red Pepper, Eggplant and Basil Hummus Sandwich with Hand-Cut Garlic Herb Fries $7 at  Dish. While it was tasty, it was not the prettiest Sandwich, so I let the Fries be the dominant feature of the picture.
Tofu Scramble for dinner with Yves Breakfast Patties and a Hash Brown.
Melty Cleo PB Cups for dessert.
So it was a pretty good food day.


xvavaveganx said...

Loving the strawberry breakfast again! I also love your breakfast for dinner! It looks perfect. I'm a very big fan of breakfast for dinner :)

The lunch looks really great too! I've never tried the pb cups or any of the candy bars from that company but they all sound good.

Have a great weekend!

foodfeud said...

Gorgeous strawberries. I missed those yesterday. The sandwich sounds delicious too.
Have you tried Justin's PB cups?

Molly said...

Berries for breakfast is such a perfect way to start the day. I wish they were in season year round!

Anonymous said...

Love that Dish meal! those fries look amazing!! wow! and do you have any extra PB cups?!?!? haha they look fab! thanks for sharing!

Ingrid said...

I haven't had breakfast yet, and so I would like to eat all of this today. I've been taking a break from tofu, but the scramble looks so good! Have you tried making a breakfast sandwich with the Yves patties? They look like they would work.

Is that an out of doors shot at lunch? I bet the weather has been great out east. It's actually been humid in our semi-arid state, due to all the severe storms this week.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, believe it or not, I still have some of your Chocolate Chip Cookie/Brownie Truffles. They're being saved for a very special occasion.

FF, the Justin's PB Cups were too crunchy for my tastes. These Cleo Cups are far superior. (I know you hate PB, let's not pretend otherwise).

Molly, agreed, but best for us to keep in mind that Strawberries are only actually in season for one month a year.

GFHTummy, thanks for looking!

Ingrid, a Sausage on an English Muffin does sound like a good breakfast. I'll have to try that one. We have had great weather until today. Now it's HHH (Hazy Hot & Humid) again. Lovely DC weather.