Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday, June 23rd

A Groupon-induced breakfast at Cafe Green this morning where I started with a $3.50 glass of Iced Tea. It was Fair Trade and Organic and whatever else, but dang it was the most expensive glass of Iced Tea I've ever had (considering there were no refills). I tried putting the used tea bag in my water glass a few times, but it was spent.
My Continental Breakfast $12 - Tofu Scramble, Whole Wheat Pancake, Tempeh Bacon & Sausage was exceptionally great. Wish I'd bought more Groupons for this place. There was a rich and creamy Chai flavored Raw Cashew Milkshake $8 as well to jack up the bill to $40, but that pic didn't turn out (as is becoming the norm around here). 
Carryout Fried Chicken (with a stray piece of Macaroni on top) ...
and Mac & Cheese from Everlasting Life Cafe for dinner.
We got extra carryout Mac & Cheese, Potato Salad & Yellow Cake from Everlasting Life Cafe, so lots of that to look forward to this week (assuming I can focus the camera and upload the pics).

6 comments: said...

Groupon is the best! How awesome that you snagged a Vegan friendly deal! score! that breakfast looks incredible! yum!

Molly said...

Breakfast looks great! I hope the tea was really good, at least? The milkshake sounds exceptional.

foodfeud said...

Haha, I hate getting drinks at restaurants because they are always so incredibly expensive! The meal definitely sounds like it was worth it though.

xvavaveganx said...

Looks like that Groupon was definitely worth it! That breakfast looks phenomenal! A little bit of everything! That's the best kind of breakfast :) That is quite pricey for an iced tea... was it good at least? A chai milkshake sounds amazing! I should try to make that at home ;) Any idea what the ingredients were? The chick'n and mac and cheese look great as always! Your camera must be hungry to keep eating all of your meals!

Ingrid said...

I peeked at the menu for Cafe Green, and it does look outstanding! I haven't had pancakes in a while, so this one looks super tasty. I believe you, that the milkshake was fantastic!

I've yet to purchase a Groupon for a restaurant, but most places haven't really appealed to me.

Still loving your Everlasting Life Cafe grub.

I hope your camera stops it's hiccups!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

GFHTummy, thanks for looking!

Molly, yes, thanks, the tea was good enough, but they could've at least made a pitcher of it or something.

FF, I'm used to alcoholic beverages being marked up, but this little glass of tea struck a nerve for some reason.

VaVa, no clue how to make the Chai Cashew Milkshake. Probably best I don't know, as it probably has a thousand calories.

Ingrid, do I need to find you worthy Groupons in Denver? They're perfect for lunches with Mom.