Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wednesday, November 26th

The WF's Everything Bagel continues to astound with its ability to hang onto Everything..
A bowl of LPQ White Bean Soup for lunch...
A Gardein Stuffed Turk'y Cutlet with WF's Gravy and Farmers Market Roasted Brussels Sprouts for dinner...
Wegman's PB for dessert...
I made reservations for the holiday meal tomorrow. Tune in tomorrow night to find out how it went. Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Wegman's isn't shy about their everything, and yes, more important it stays on! I wonder if you will have soup tomorrow...? Those stuffed cutlets always look so good- gravy was a good call there. Creamy PB is the only way to go. (Chunks are ok with other nut butters somehow, but PB has to be creamy)

Trader joe's website is semi-useless.... Seriously! They list every frozen vegetable they sell and don't have any hummus on the vegan list? That just annoys me. Either have a vegan list that is actually updated or don't.......but don't list every spice and frozen fruit! Jeeeez.
Enjoy your I Love Turkey Too Much To Eat It day :))

Ingrid said...

A vegan co-worker and her daughter made reservations at Native Foods - I'm eager to hear her thoughts about it!

I will be trying the Gardein cutlet tomorrow! I can't believe there are only two in a bag.

I randomly bumped into an acquaintance today, and she recently transitioned from vegetarian to vegan. Her comment was "there is absolutely nothing I can have at Thanksgiving anymore!". I tried not to slap her, and instead listed off 10 items she could indeed have. I really should just have pointed to our blog posts from the last few years. *sigh* People.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Unknown, for my physical well-being, I should have just stayed home and had Soup today, but i forced myself out into the world and ouch! am I full! I will now disregard the TJ's vegan list. Cant wait to hear how your gourmet goodies were recieved. I need some Glogg to settle my stomach.

Ingrid, I, like your co-worker, made reservations at Native Foods. I think her thoughts on it will be positive. Mine certainly were. Make sure to post your thoughts on the Cutlet. I think the problem with being vegan is that there is too much to eat. If I wasnt vegan, I would probably live on Pizza.