Sunday, January 12, 2014

Sunday, January 12th

Black Bear Bistro was better than ever today. I started with a Cup of their outstanding 'Vegan Chili' $4.95..
The hearty Chili was more than enough food, but I didn't know that before I'd already ordered more. My 'Fall Garden Salad' $9.95  Chopped Romaine Lettuce, Marinated Cauliflower  Florets, Broccoli Florets, Carrots, Onions, and Poached Beets.  Thousand Island Dressing on the side...
packed all that in plus a side of Fries...
So stuffed was I, that I tried to just lay down and take a nap when I got home. Unfortunately, Molly was like, "No way. I'm gonna get in your face and make you pet me instead." So I had to.
Come dinner time, I still hadn't digested, so I went straight for dessert: A slice of 'Pina Colada Cheesecake' $5 from Vegan Treats via Loving Hut. Really great...
Then I started to think that I did have room for dinner after all, so I went for my current favorite: a 'Tofurky Oven Roasted Deli Slice Sandwich'. Also great...
Back to the same old grub tomorrow.


Ingrid said...

I love all of the commentary! A peek inside the mind of Shen! Chili, salad, fries - all great choices for a day's meal. Glad to see that Black Bear Bistro is serving the delicious eats again.

Ha ha! I would snuggle Molly, too!

blessedmama said...

Mm-mmm, all sounds good to me! And who can pass up a face like that?

Unknown said...

That does look like a generous "cup" of chili! I'm impressed they had a vegan thousand island (or maybe it wasn't and you left it off?) and your fries look as good as theirs do.
What a beautiful puppy! She looks like she is very content.
Your own cheesecake looks damned good...... Hope your mom enjoys the S and S as much as everyone else has.

It was so warm (50!) i went for a bike ride today! Hope you have some more mild weather too.

foodfeud said...

Hm, marinated cauli on salad is something I would not have thought to do. What's in the Thousand Island dressing? I love that BBB crock they serve the chili in.
You know what they say, "Life's too short - eat dessert first." You would have died happy, even if you popped after the cheesecake. Glad you didn't, though. If only for the prospect of more pup pics in the future.

Sarah said...

I like your style going straight for the cheesecake! Your brunch looks incredibly delicious and I would have gone for discomfort and chowed down on those fries too... they look delicious! The salad looks beautiful too! Like I said, I love that you went right for dessert and then ended up going back for the sandwich.

Molly is such a sweetie!! Nothing would make me happier than to be greeted by that gorgeous face :)

Hannah said...

Hot DAMN I want that cheesecake. Good choice.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, thought I'd make a little effort on the blog yesterday. That feeling has apparently passed.

Blessed Mama, saw Molly on Petfinder and said 'that is exactly the dog I was looking for'.

Unknown, according to the menu, the Thousand Island Dressing was vegan. My mother would not eat vegan Cheesecake no matter how delicious it was. It was even warmer today, so I hope you were able to enjoy it again or at least crossed paths with Mason.

FF, there are literally thousands of tiny islands in the Dressing. Possibly some small atolls as well. If the blog suddenly just ceases to get updated, know that I 'popped'.

Sarah, not only is Molly's face gorgeous, she lets me smother that gorgeous face in kisses to my heart's content.

Hannah, HOT DAMN is right!