Tuesday, October 30, 2012

WTF Tuesday

Sarah Kramers Banana Pancakes (I put these in the oven and then got stuck on a call, so breakfast was a little burnt) with Maple Syrup and Tofurky Breakfast Links.
After being home bound for almost two days, I had to have some food made by a stranger. Mr. SV bravely ventured out and got some Steamed Vegetables and Basmati Rice off the Asian Hot Bar at Wegman's. Knowing the issues I have with monochromism on the blog, he made sure to assemble a rainbow of veggies.
Sloppy Joes and Oven Fries for dinner.
Pecan Fingers for dessert.
More of the same tomorrow.


Ingrid said...

I usually suffer the opposite - food gets cold while I am tending to other tasks.

Glad to know stores are open, and quick trips out don't cause any issues! Basmati rice and steamed veggies are always a good combo.

Oven fries look fantastic!

foodfeud said...

I kinda like pancakes a little burnt. I don't know why.
Supplies here are running down and I don't feel like staying inside any longer and cooking. Thinking about going out for some food made by someone else soon too. But ya know, Shen, a stranger's just a friend you haven't met yet.
(PS my part of Brooklyn got pretty lucky power + flooding-wise. I think Long Island got it worse)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, your Grandma should be okay as well. Fairfax County just had a few hours without power (based on what my co-workers related).

FF, funny you should say that about strangers. We watched 'Elmer Gantry' last night and I think that was a line in the movie. Brooklyn is top of the food chain so God naturally spared it. Ain't it ironic that the one vegan who isn't blogging has the internet?