Saturday, October 6, 2012

Saturday, October 6th

Due to sleeping in and then a long vet appointment (all is well for a change), I didn't get anything to eat today till 1pm. We were at The Common Market, so while waiting for my Tofurky Reuben $4.99 to be prepared, I quickly scooped out almost a pound of Mediterranean Tempeh and a Medley of Roasted Potatoes from the $7.99/pound Hot Bar .
The Mediterranean Tempeh was so great, I bought a pound more to take home for another day.
My Tofurky Reuben $4.99 was phenomenal as well. By 1:30pm, I'd more than made up for lost time (food wise).
Oddly, my camera died again at dinner time, so this dark pic of Mr. SV's Spaghetti was taken with my Droid.
Then I opened the camera battery door and shut it a few times and was able to photograph dessert: An entire Pecan Sandie from A Better Choice Bakery.
Hey, how bout that Vegan MoFo? I don't know about you, but I'm really loving it!


Anonymous said...

The reuben looks like a perfect one! I love pecan sandies. Haven't had one for a while.

So glad all went well at the vet.

foodfeud said...

Do you take all the animals to the vet at the same time? I can hardly carry Haxan and her tubby self to the vet alone I'm glad they're all doing well!
The Mediterranean tempeh looks fantastic! I'd almost rather that than the Reuben, although the sandwich looks like one of the better ones I've seen.
Been having problems with my camera too. I think it's all the moFo in the air.

Rose said...

I'm totally craving a rueben now, and the tempeh/potato thing does sound pretty awesome. I wish I could find good stuff like that around here.

Glad everything went well at the vet.

xvavaveganx said...

So glad that all went well at the vet! I'm glad that you were able to make up for lost time and had a great lunch! The temoeh sounds great and the rueben looks really nice too. The cookie sounds soooooo good right about now.

So weird that your camera is acting up again. Hopefully it'll work itself out. Haha I'm always so overwhelmed by MoFo! SO many great blogs, not enough time!

Anonymous said...

mmm pecan sandies! i ate straight up pecan butter as a snack today....dec,a,dent!

Ingrid said...

Long appointment due to all of the animals needing a check up, or long because of a long wait? Glad to hear the pack is doing well.

I'm trying hard to like tempeh, and it's not happening. What's my deal?!

Stephanie said...

I was just at A Better Choice Bakery yesterday during the town festival....and I seriously almost tried the the pecan sandie. So was it yummy?

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, my Common Market grub was Riverwest-Coop quality yesterday. Going to the vet is so horrible. I'd be willing to pay big bucks for a service to take my critters to the vet for me. Leave me out of it.

FF, I feel your pain. Mr. SV helped me get this cat in the carrier and provided a modicum of emotional support whilst there. Both the Mediterranean Tempeh and the Reuben were equally fantastic in their own ways. When there is a ton of great vegan food in one place, I must shovel as much in as possible. Can't miss out. The pressure of MoFo is getting to me. I'm so glad I am not participating.

Rose, news flash: You live in one of the top food cities in the world. Don't make me come out there and drag you around to all the great vegan restaurants. I will do it.

VaVa, thankfully MoFo comes but once a year. My camera keeps saying something like 'Cant use the card', so I try taking out the memory card, but it is stuck. Now it's working again.

GFHTummy, PECAN BUTTER???? I have never seen that!!! I bet it is fantastic. Hope you show it on the blog.

Ingrid, we took one of the cats in to see why he wasn't eating and had to wait around for the lab results. Took 1 1/2 hours total not including travel to/from. At least they got him to start chowing down. Well worth the $260. You might prefer starting with plain Tempeh and cooking it yourself. Some of the Maple Bacon or other pre-flavored Tempehs aren't indicative of how good it can be.

Stephanie, apparently we almost (or did?) collided at Brunswick Railroad Days. I picked up four Cupcakes and four Carrot Cake Blondies yesterday around 12:30ish. I specifically went there and fought the crowds to get the Carrot Cake Blondies. The Pecan Sandie was good, but I don't think I'll be buying another one. I'll report on the Cuppers as I get to them.

Mary said...

The roasted potatoes and the pecan sandie especially look delicious!