Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday, October 7th

That is Mr SV's Pinot Grigio $6.50 peeking round behind my Mai Tai $8 at Faang Restaurant today.
The drink gave me a good buzz which enhanced my enjoyment of the Tofu and Cashew Nuts $11 dish I ordered.  This is an upscale Thai restaurant near Wegman's. Cloth napkins make it difficult to blow one's nose though, what from all the spicy chilis.
Mediterranean Tempeh from The Common Market with Swiss Chard for dinner. A fantastic meal.
A third of a massive Peanut Butter Cup $2.99 from the Common Market for dessert. Based on the ingredient list and taste, it seems like they are recreating  Alicia Silverstone's PB Cups. Larger though.

Coming up tomorrow: Supposedly going to have to get up at o dark thirty and go to work. No lunch plans yet.


xvavaveganx said...

Mai Tai (beautiful by the way!) + high quality thai food = perfect lunch. Seriously I'm so incredibly jealous. Thai food is in my top 3 fav cuisines and I rarely get to eat it. Your dish sounds amazing and I love it when they make it spicy :)

Dinner looks really perfect too! Greens seem like a great pairing with the tempeh. That pb cup must have been massive if that is only a third of it! Sounds delicious :) Alicia's recipe is great so if they are ripping her off it must be tasty!

Anonymous said...

a boozy brunch!! always fabulous. the food and drinks look fabulous. and that pb cup...can we just comment on how freaking amazing that it?! WOW!

Nikki said...

Mmmm, booze drink and a giant peanut butter cup. That's a nice Sunday! I can't have a cocktail when I'm on call, but next weekend might be time for brunch with spirits.

Ingrid said...

So spicy your nose runs? Sign me up! It sounds really good. As does the Swiss Chard from dinner.

Have you made Alicia's recipe before? I haven't, but I have her cookbook so there's no reason not to. Oh, yes there is - I'd eat too many of them! Ha!

foodfeud said...

Fantastic looking drink. Sometimes I use a drink in lieu of food but the dish looks like something that should not have been passed up.

Anonymous said...

That Thai dish looks phenomenal. I could eat dishes like that on a daily basis.

Such a pretty drink you had. A great Sunday!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, I think most vegan bakeries rip off Isa/Terry/Alicia etc. Just a hunch.

GFHTummy, it was a pretty massive PB cup. Two thirds left to go.

Nikki, I hear ya on the booze while on call. But apparently pills are okay? I watch a lot of medical dramas.

Ingrid, yes, I've made Alicia's PB Cup recipe multiple times. One PB cup a day will keep the doctor away.

FF, I can't miss a meal, regardless of the amount of drinkage.

Molly, it was a great dish and a pretty nice Sunday.