Saturday, May 1, 2010

Eatin' DIfferent Than Usual

Lunch was two Chesapeake Tempeh Cakes with some Ore-Ida Onion Rings. I first saw these Tempeh Cakes on Dianne's website. Her description of both the preparation and the results mirror mine, so I have nothing to add to what she said except that the Tempeh Cakes are outstanding in every way. Thanks, Dianne!
Dinner was a super simple Lentil Soup because I didn't have any fresh veggies like Carrots or Celery on hand. Some sliced Italian Tofurkey helped make it more interesting cuz it was kinda boring.
Dessert was a slice of WF's Vegan Harvest Berry Pie.
Lots of Frontera Shiraz. See you tomorrow!


Marissa said...

I am going to make those tempeh cakes next week! They look sooooo good!!

Anonymous said...

Whenever I have lentil soup, the lentils are cooked down to mush! (Which I actually like...) What kind of lentils are those that hold their shape so well?

Rose said...

I bought Vegan Brunch a while ago and have been meaning to make those Cheasapeake cakes...they look great.

Lentils are delicious no matter what I think. Yummy.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hello, Ladies! Thank you for coming by. Nora, they're just plain brown lentils cooked for 20 mins.