Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saturday Is Better Than Sunday

I made a big pot of Vegetable Soup today to have on hand for dinners next week. No real recipe, just two big Onions, four cloves of Garlic, a head of Celery, a pound of Carrots, a big can of Tomatoes, Kale and Navy Beans. Chili Power & Oregano to season. I had a bowl for lunch and it was good.
Dinner was one of Alicia's Cutlets w/Heinz57, the rest of last night's Chard and a Baked Potato with Sour Supreme and Bac'Uns. I guess I should mention that I am aware that I make Potatoes as a side dish a lot. It is because I have to share my meals with some furbabies and sharing potatoes is always easiest.
In search of dessert, I found Pistachios.
Lots of Black Swan Shiraz Merlot...

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Morgan-- said...

The soup looks great! And I love pistachios!! THey are so addicting!