Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday, July 31st

An Amazing Grass Smoothie made with the usual Hemp Milk, Frozen Banana and a Date....
WF's Spicy Tempeh Salad for lunch...
Usually, this stuff is pretty good, but this batch tasted horrible. I ate it all anyway...
Leftover Sloppy Joes with Oven Fries for dinner got the taste of lunch out of my mouth...
The Macerated Strawberries are holding up well. They pair well with the Trader Joes Coconut Milk Frozen Dessert for dessert..
Groupon lunch with Mom tomorrow. Bye for now.


Sarah said...

The smoothie looks really good. I'm definitely going for a smoothie tomorrow morning. Those look like some large hunks of tempeh. Bummer that the batch tasted weird. That's another one that my WFs doesn't have. The cool thing is that WFs now has one entire bar dedicated to vegetarian and vegan foods!

The oven fries look great and once again I commend you for turning on the oven in this gross heat. Hooray for the dessert! I'm glad the strawberries are holding up well, it looks great!

foodfeud said...

Oh sad, that tempeh salad looks really good! They don't serve any tempeh dish at my WF either, just plain cubes, which are always dry and bland.
Seems like a long time to wait between lunch and dinner to get the bad taste outta yr mouth. I probably would have eaten the ice cream immediately after lunch. Or at least bought a cookie

Ingrid said...

Your oven fries are especially attempting. I was pretty close to making a veggie dog and oven fries tonight.

Mexican Groupon Lunch.

Unknown said...

Gorgeous smoothie! I bought these great ice cube trays that make 1/4" cubes so most mornings i blend my cold brew coffee with mini almond milk cubes- my cheapo individual blender blitzes them fast.
I hope you only bought one serving of the tempeh salad- every once in a while i get a really bitter tempeh, maybe that's what it was? It sure sounds like it should be yummy.
Glad the sloppy joes made your world right.
Wishing you a drama free mom lunching

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Sarah, the heat hasnt been as gross down here. Plus, the Oven Fries take less than an hour. Did you get your Smoothie?

FF, oh la de da! Just go buy a cookie! After all: tomorrow is another day!

Ingrid, I should have just said yesterday there is no way anyone would guess this type of cuisine. Very atypical for us, but a great Groupon. $12 for $30 worth of grub!

Unknown, the tiny ice cubes sound adorbs. The vinegar and sugar combo on the Tempeh was majorly 'off'. Really nasty. It is truly a testimony to my mother that i ate it. That is how I was raised. No drama at lunch that would be amusing to read about.