Friday, July 25, 2014

Friday, July 25th

The last of the leftover Little Grill Buckwheat Pancakes with Yves Breakfast Sausage (Field Roast is a million times better ) for breakfast...
Mr. SV was riding around on his motorcycle today and picked me up lunch from Hempen Hill BBQ. I got the Fresh Greens Salad $6.49 with BBQ Tofu $2.49 and Balsamic Vinaigrette. They did a wonderful job on the Salad...
I was pretty stuffed from the Salad, so just a Dawson's Market Mac & Cheese Muffin for dessert...
LPQ tomorrow. Bye for now.


foodfeud said...

That salad does look good. How BBQ-y was the tofu, though? It doesn't look too saucey. The BBQ eggplant I got from Paradis was also not really what I'd call BBQ but maybe people just say that about anything they've cooked ON the barbecue?
I learned yesterday that Bobby Seale (the Black Panther activist) wrote a few BBQ cookbooks. maybe we could ask him.
Well this comment got pretty off topic.
The buckwheat pancakes look really thick. Wonder how many I'd be able to "leaveover."

Sarah said...

You really got a lot of mileage out of those pancakes which is great! Still loving that combo for breakfast. The salad looks really incredible, definitely a highlight meal for the day! It looks so fresh and vibrant, yum. The mac n cheese muffin was a great way to end the day :)

Hopefully LPQ will be on the ball tomorrow and won't forget your avocado! Have a great Saturday!

Unknown said...

Neverending stack of pancakes! Do they multiply overnight??
That salad does look good- but is it weird that the Mr went to a BBQ place for....salad? Don't think i could deal with the smell of the place myself.
Dawsons should make meatless muffins!

I once bought a little pot of cilantro. I have no outdoor area though. And the lovely plant gave me fruit flies And that was the end of that.

Ingrid said...

Wait a minute, where is lunch with Mom? Is she at the beach again? Does she have an extra room? If so, I'll go and eat lunch with her. ;)

Lovely salad from Hempen Hill BBQ.

I hope LPQ isn't too crazy this weekend, and that they don't forget the avocado!

Vegan In The VI said...

Hey Now!!!!!!

FF, the Tofu didnt seem BBQ at all (which I was glad for). It was probably similar to when you put Tofu in your Salads. I was wondering what the Black Panthers were up to lately. good to know they're not sitting idle. Maybe cuz these are Buckwheat Pancakes, they dont go down as easily as white flour Pancakes.

Sarah, LPQ forgot the Avocado, but in fairness, I didnt notice till I was almost finished eating. I got my Macerated Strawberry supplies. Hopefully, tomorrow I will start macerating!

Unknown, I wish Pancakes would multiply overnight. Maybe one day in the future. It is unusual to get a Salad from a BBQ place, but they actually have great vegetarian and vegan items as well. Gotta show support for that. We're not exactly overflowing with those options around here. It is so gross how many menus are 100% animal products/bi-products. Sorry you got Fruit Flies. Our office has them! So classy.

Ingrid, Mom is at the beach, I am sure she would LOVE for you to come stay with her (but would you love it?) and LPQ did indeed forget the Avocado. They really dont want me to have it.