Sunday, June 1, 2014

Sunday, June 1st

Harrimans Tofu Scramble with Tempeh Sausage and a ton of Roasted Potatoes $12 for breakfast. I believe they've downsized the plates cuz they no longer overhang the place mats. The diced Scallions were brought home and mixed into my tub of Cream Cheese....
Dinner was the MaPo Tofu $10.95 that I picked up yesterday from PF Changs. It was a massive portion, no room for dessert...
Great photography today, I agree. Bye for now.


foodfeud said...

Gigantic chunks of broccoli! It makes me feel like i should eat more Chinese food. God knows there's a store on every corner around here.
Boo on downsized breakfast, though. Don't they know it's the most important meal of the day? And you don't even eat 3 full meals!

Ingrid said...

It was tofu scram and PF Changs kind of weekend! I'm hoping you'll have leftovers to enjoy for a day or two.
Clever of you to sneak the scallions home. ;)

Hannah said...

Maybe they bought bigger placemats.

Unknown said...

I still can't figure out what the yellowish sauce in the little plate compartment by the scallions could be....?? As long as the scramble is still good i would tolerate the strange plating quirks. Excellent use of the scallions!

Glad PF didn't skimp on the 'fu or the broccoli today.

First day with the parents here was exhausting and lots of fun, gorgeous weather too! We had some fabulous bagels for brunching and i found us an outdoor wine bar for a snacky dinner.

Sarah said...

The ma po tofu looks extra yummy today! The broccoli looks so good, mmm. I'm with Hannah, strange that they would change the size of the plates, they look exactly the same. Cheaper to replace the placemats :) That was good thinking to bring home the green onions for your cream cheese!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, I'm thinking quality traditional Chinese food is not so easy to find these days. It's all about fusion. My weekend meals are so huge, I should really only have either breakfast for dinner for the entire day.

Ingrid, no leftovers, but, yeah, no one can accuse me of wasting those Scallions.

Hannah, I'm glad you mentioned that about the size of the place mats. I was starting to feel paranoid that the chairs were all different too. Probably, the plates were the same size and everything else was larger.

Unknown, next time we go, I'll try to get more info on the yellow stuff. I'm not against it, but it's no red stuff. Where did you get the Bagels? Russ & Daughters?

Sarah, so we have two votes for larger place mats. Hard to believe that I went to the effort to take home two cents worth of Scallions. I am kwazy.