Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Tuesday, August 6th

You know what breakfast was...
but you may not know that the food item on my fork is a piece of Fried Yucca. Looks like a Tater Tot, but tastes...sort of sweet and sticky. Not as good as a Tater Tot.
Even though I was stuffed from lunch, the vending machine at work is always irresistible.
Mr. SVegetarian made Spaghetti with TJ's Meatless Meatballs for dinner...
An extremely past date Eli's Dream Big Bar for dessert...
WFH grub tomorrow.


Hannah said...

No warm plate for chocolate melting tonight?

Ingrid said...

First and foremost, Des and Chris NEED to last because he is so good to her. If anyone sabotages the relationship, it'll be her. But, I really do like them together. Was it just me, or was Brooks (sp?) less dreamy when he appeared on stage last night?

Yucca. Hmm. So, not something we should be trying soon?

Unknown said...

Almost all of the bagel shops have tofutti cream cheese, more to serve the kosher community than the veggies but whatevs- the walnut raisin kind is my go-to.
Did you like the yuca? I've had yuca fries before at a dominican place- didn't love them, didn't hate them.
The sheer novelty of a machine that spits snacks is enough to make a vending machine fun if you ask me....! Tho it would be better if it spit chocolate vegan candy bars like your dessert.
I give Des and chris until either a) brooks pulls his wishy-washy head out of his a$$ and calls her or b) chris catches a clue and notices he deserves someone who has been in love with him for more than, um, 10 (?) days. They will fulfill contractual obligations for interviews and public appearances, she will visit seattle and realize she cant live in fog and drizzle the rest of her life and by thanksgiving its all over.

xvavaveganx said...

I've had fried yucca before and it's always hit or miss. I've had undercooked yucca and it was really gross but when it's cooked right it's very good. I've never had sweet yucca though... I wonder if yours was glazed? I love pretzels which I feel is a weird thing to say but they are one of my favorite snacks. That is definitely one of Mr. SVegetarian's specialties! Always looks great!

Rambling Vegans said...

Great peekaboo photo of the banana. :)

I've never had yucca. Was that the first time you've had it?

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Hannah, it was nice how the hot plate made the chocolate all melty.

Ingrid, I believe Chris was a better choice overall, but Des obviously will sabotage any relationship that she's in. Brooks' hair definitely wasn't as wondrously billowy on ATFR. Chefs probably know how better to work with Yucca in Colorado. Not so much in Virginia.

Unknown, so if I went to NYC I could just eat Tofutti Cream Cheese & Bagels all day long and totally forgo Candle and Blossom? That sounds so nice. Pretty optimistic of you to give Des & Chris till Thanksgiving. I say it's over by Halloween.

VaVa, the Yucca looked like a Tater Tot, so I was disappointed it didn't taste like one. Probably wont be seeking it out again if there's a good chance it'll be bad.

RVs, I want to see how you 'approach' a PB & Banana breakfast from an artistic standpoint. This was my first time with Yucca. It wasn't 'yuck', but it wasn't 'ah!' either. So, you're not missing much.