Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Tuesday, August 27th

An individual Carrot Cake from Le Pain Quotidien for breakfast...
MaPo Tofu and a Spring Roll from PF Changs for lunch...
and PPK Marbled Banana Bread for dessert. 
I did great on the food today, if I must say so myself. Everything was fantastic.


Hannah said...

You make me want ravioli. I can't even remember the last time I had ravioli.

Vegetarian Grub Girl said...

WOW what a great food day!
All your food today looks so delicious.
I definitely need to try the carrot cake next time I go to LPQ

Ingrid said...

I agree with you, today was fantastic! Carrot Cake for breakfast sounds fantastic, and the PF Changs is really appetizing. I need a spring roll in my life soon.

Unknown said...

Seriously a five * food day!!
Glad the lpq carrot cake had icing and seeds this time.
The ravioli looks great, and with vegan cheese??? Yummmm. Was it goey like daiya? or a kind of tofu ricotta thing? the only vegan raviloi i have found was butternut squash or the raw not at all ravioli with beet slices at quintessence
Glad there was more banana bread to finish the great food day.

Anonymous said...

Yup, definitely a great food day! The ravioli looks especially appetizing.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Hannah, so they have Ravioli in Australia? I was starting to wonder about that place.

VGG, you'll love the LPQ Carrot Cakes. Impossible to dislike them.

Ingrid, if I was going to have to sit in a crappy old cube all day, I was gonna at least eat good. And I did!

Unknown, it was a Tofu Ricotta filling in the Ravioli. Don't forget, Candle Cafe Frozen Raviolis are excellent as well. Wish I knew why I had the one LPQ Carrot Cake with no Icing. How'd that little cake get past quality control?

RVs, maybe I'm finally learning how to avoid eating lousy food. That can only improve the blog.

Hannah said...

Sure they do, but I grew up with a mother allergic to wheat/tomato/beef/ham/pineapple/dairy/broad beans/peanuts/bell peppers/red wine/etc etc etc soooooooo we ate other things.