Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday, August 3rd

I started the day off right with a homemade Smoothie: Frozen Blueberries, Frozen Banana, Hemp Protein Powder, Almond Milk, Tahini and Maple Syrup. It was better than my usual Smoothies, but that's not saying much.
Lunch at Chopstick Cafe. Starting with the Avocado Sushi $4...
followed by 'Thai Spicy Fried Rice' $9 Tofu Stir-Fried with Chili, Garlic, Thai Basil, Onion and various vegetables.
I enjoyed my CSA Salad so much this week, that I bought some Organic Green Leaf Lettuce and got some stuff off the Salad Bar at the grocery and made a 'Big Salad With Lots Of Stuff In It' for dinner (with Goddess Dressing).
Cleo Cups for dessert. Team Cleo and proud.
Odds are good that I'll eat out again tomorrow, so I'm pleased about that.


Hannah said...

So, no SV Smoothie Food Truck in our future?

foodfeud said...

maybe I'd like Cleo's more if I bought them, but I never see them. It's a Justins town here, I guess. Anywho.
Lovin the dinner salad, and the tofu dish. Lots of good stuff.
I don't see smoothies often on yr blog. Too bad it wasn't great; it sounds good though I am still on the fence about blueberries in smoothies.

xvavaveganx said...

uhh so this may be embarrassing but I don't think I know what the high hard one means? Lol it sounds dirty though! Ha!

The smoothie sounds really good. I've been craving smoothies lately but haven't made any. My crappy blender makes me dread making them. The tofu dish looks and sounds incredible and yay for the salad! I've seen so many greens on your blog lately! Love it!

Unknown said...

The smoothie sounds good! My favorite smoothie ever is frozen blueberries, vanilla vega protein, fresh spinach, ice, almond milk and a gob of almond butter. I swap a frozen banana for the blueberries when i make it for my 7yr old nephew and it's thicker.
The lunch fried rice dish looks like a good one, hopefully that made up for loving hut's flub the other day.
I'm so glad you have discovered the big salad of stuff combo that you like! It really is an art form to discover the right mix of ingredients you like. How long is your csa for? I'm thinking you will have corn before long- which is great just raw in salads when its good

Anonymous said...

I hear you on not wanting to take any chances since you have mouths to feed. That's why we decided to get an Airstream now vs. moving in a few years. Much more stable this way, plus we can keep traveling.

You had a really great food day. Love the looks of that lunch & a smoothie is something I haven't done for breakfast forever. Need to get on that because it sounds good!

Nikki said...

Yum to the tahini in the smoothie. I'm not sure I've had Cleo's yet. I think Food Fight has them, so I should try. I don't like missing out on anything peanut butter and chocolate.

Ingrid said...

Your smoothie certainly sounds delicious! A delicious lunch, too - I need to make some unfried rice soon. I love it when I find a salad combination I enjoy, and yours sounds pretty perfect.

I am currently Team Justin, but that' just because I've never had (nor found)Cleo's version. . .

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Hannah, unfortunately, I do not have that gift for making Smoothies. They're always just meh when I make them.

FF, I can see why you enjoy eating so many Salads. Hope I can keep this Salad thing up. Although I'm currently out of all Salad fixins.

VaVa, Mr. SV is not a real doctor so his medical expertise is suspect.

Unknown, doubt I'll ever make a green smoothie. Just can't imagine that working out well for me. I also was wondering how long my CSA is for. Also wondering where is the Corn?

RVs, it will be so fun to have the whole family in the Airstream. Will you try living in it while it's parked in your driveway?

Nikki, it was you that gave me the idea to add Tahini to the Smoothie. Thanks for that.

Ingrid, Team Justin???!!! Sheesh! Just so long as you're not Team Jacob as well, because that would really be wrong.