Wednesday, February 29, 2012

WTF Wednesday

A Trader Joe's breakfast: British Muffins, Flax Seed Valencia Peanut Butter and Raspberry Preserves...Phenomenal!Lunch was an Yves Salami Sandwich on WF's Pretzel Bread with copious quantities of Vegenaisse. Again, awesome.
Boca Burgers with TJ's Veggie Chili and Baked Potatoes for dinner. Genius.Half of this miniature Peanut Butter Cup Cake from Vegan Treats for dessert. It was a stellar food day.
Coming up tomorrow: Ye Olde Grapefruit and Energy Bite. Lunch at a popular chain restaurant as yet to be determined.


Ingrid said...

Well done, Trader Joe's, well done.

I'm guessing dessert tastes even better than it looks, and that says a lot - it's a beauty!

Meeting mother for lunch?

foodfeud said...

G "accidentally" bought some Yves turkey today and I told him you liked that brand so he was like, "Well then we know it's good!"
Glad you enjoyed everything today. Nice little antipasto on the side of the sandwich.
In Re: Sweet potato tots, I've never had them so I can't recommend them. I was hoping someone else would weather the storm and report back.
ALSO. Have you seen this?

What is the deal with VA?

Molly said...

Mike finally found some pretzel rolls that were vegan (at one of the grocery stores) and was quite happy with that find.

That dessert looks phenomenal. So jealous!

xvavaveganx said...

I'm going to have to agree, this is a pretty stellar food day! Your trader joe's breakfast looks amazing and that pretzel roll is still a major envy point of mine.

That dessert though. That thing is beautiful and I'm sure that it was phenomenal.

I am feeling better thank you :) Today was a eat lame food just in case I'm not better even though I am better day. Will be back to regularly scheduled programming tomorrow!

blessedmama said...

Wow, your whole "post comment" thing is so different now! Okay, those look like some good raspberry seeds to have fun picking out of your teeth later in the day. Reminds you of the tasty breakfast you had earlier.

Miss Rachel said...

I agree it was a quite stellar food day. Your breakfast took peanut butter and jelly to a whole new level.

Miss Rachel said...

Am I missing something here with the comments? Is there no longer a way to get follow-ups emailed to me? I don't see that little check box.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Ingrid, yep, a successful (aka uneventful) lunch today with Mom.

FF, G can sup merrily --Yves Deli Selections get Shen's Seal Of Approval! No worries there and yes, I did see that we have a cat running for senate in our state. One of the few times I can feel proud of residing in the Old Dominion.

Molly, I am spreading joy left and right today!

VaVa, that is one horrible virus that you caught. Glad I barely come in contact with the public these days.

Blessed Mama, this newfangled ''Post A Comment' screen just appeared on its own a couple days ago. As for the Raspberry Seeds, I'm totally into them! Seedless Jam is great, but zillions of tiny seeds is appealing to my desire for something more exotic.

Miss Rachel, I wish I could help you, but this screen just appeared out of no where for me as well. Just assume I replied to your comment, as it would be extremely rude not to.

kimberly said...

holy cheesecake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yum. yum. yum.