Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, February 19th

Not only do I love buying Groupons, I love using them up. Today I used two, so it was a great feeling of accomplishment. This mornings Fruit Plate $7.29 will be my last meal at Eggspectations,
however, my thoughts are way more positive about our lunch destination, Thai Deelish. I'm sure we'll return. My Spring Rolls $4.95...
and Green Curry with Tofu $13.95 - Green Beans, Eggplant, Bamboo Shoots and Basil Leaves in Coconut Green Curry over Linguini.
Mr. SV made Pizza for dinner with Daiya so I was too stuffed for dessert.
Coming up tomorrow: Going into work on a federal holiday. So traffic will be light during rush hour, but heavy during lunch hour.


Rose said...

It all looks super tasty. How was the curry with linguine? Seems like a surprising combo.

Anyway...too bad you don't get tomorrow off. What's up with that?

xvavaveganx said...

These are some pretty awesome looking meals. Sorry that eggspectations didn't work out but the fruit plate does look pretty delicious. That lunch really does look amazing so I definitely can see why you'll go back and Mr. SV has some serious pizza making skills! That pizza looks amazing!

foodfeud said...

Wow I like the purple in the curry dish, that's pretty. What was the matter with the fruit? Just not exciting enough?
Also, I don't know that I've ever seen you use Daiya before. Blessed mama finally convinced you?

Bean said...

Both the curry and pizza look amazing. I love Daiya on pizza!

Ingrid said...

I am liking a whole lot of today. The morning fruit was a nice compliment to the other international dishes.

I am most inspired by lunch! Way to go Mr. SV on the pizza! Sure he doesn't have an Italian bloodline?

kimberly said...

looks great overall! and the pizza is perfectly shaped! Nice job Mr. SV!

blessedmama said...

Whoa, excellent food day! My taste buds would have been exceedingly happy. Why are you not returning for more fruit plates?

Molly said...

Thai food is always good, IMO, and that pizza looks fantastic!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Rose, where have you been?! Yes, the Thai food was excellent, looking forward to the leftovers.

VaVa, Mr. SV seduced me with his pizza making skills and wouldn't ya know it? This is the first pizza he's made in years. Typical!

FF, ain't that purple Eggplant pretty? I hate Eggplant too, but this was good. The Fruit Platter restaurant is just a front for horny teenagers to hook-up. I've used Daiya sparingly from time to time. Blessed Mama is totally a Follow Your Heart fan.

Bean, thanks! How's Freebie doing these days?

Ingrid, Mr.SV would probably claim to be Italian if it would benefit him in some way.

Kimberly, Mr. SV loves all the adulation! He's lapping this up!

Blessed Mama, the Fruit Plates weren't indicative of the restaurant as a whole, otherwise, we would return.

Molly, the pizza was muy deliciouso! Looking forward to the two leftover slices.