Saturday, February 11, 2012

Saturday, February 11th

A very filling breakfast this morning -- Tofu Scramble, a Hash Brown and Yves Breakfast Patties...
After such a huge breakfast, I wasn't too hungry for lunch, so just a Tofurky Frank and some very bright yellow Ian's Onion Rings.
I've been seeing lots of impressive Salads on da blogs lately. Dinner was a Tempeh, Pumpkin Seed, Goddess Dresssing Salad. Good stuff.
Coming up tomorrow: Eating the Seitan that I made today.


Ingrid said...

Breakfast looks fantastic! I've yet to try the "sausage" patties. The salad also is beautiful; you're right, there have been some great salads appearing as of late! Did you make the tempeh? Looking forward to the seitan!

Stacy said...

Hey, great lookin' salad.
BTW, I noticed that yest. you mentioned wanting a vegan sub for cottage cheese. Were you being sarcastic? I ask bc I really do weirdly miss cottage cheese.

foodfeud said...

Whoa, bangin salad for sure! Sounds like a lot of nice textures.
The breakfast patties are also pretty cute.

Rose said...

Your tofu scrambles always look so good. The salad looks great too!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, you haven't tried Sausage Patties yet?! You are in for a taste treat!

Stacy, I've been on the lookout for Vegan Cottage Cheese for years. A company down south, White Mountain Pure Foods, makes it, but won't ship it up north. Maybe one day.

FF, you're not the only one that can make a salad! Excellent idea adding Tempeh and Pumpkin Seeds.

Rose, methinks Tofu Scramble is just for dinner. Way too much food for breakfast.

xvavaveganx said...

That breakfast looks phenomenal! I seriously love breakfast so much. Your salad sounds delicious! I've been wanting to try tempeh on salad but for some reason I never have!