Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday, February 22nd

Here are some colorful meals to make up for yesterday. My breakfast....
Lunch...(after this Salad, I raided the vending machine for some Pretzel Sticks. Then raided my desk drawer for some Endangered Species Chocolate. I was having brown food withdrawal I suppose).
Dinner....(Daiya really reheats very well in my experience)
I already had dessert today at lunch. Coming up tomorrow: Working from home, so all brown food all day and loving it. Especially looking forward to an Eggless Egg Salad Sandwich for lunch.


Ingrid said...

Wait a minute. . .It's Wednesday. WHY ARE YOU AT WORK? Don't they know about WTF Wednesdays, involving WFH?!?!

xvavaveganx said...

Yay for color! That salad looks beautiful! I don't blame you for raiding the chocolate stash. Definitely appropriate.

Pizza still looks amazing! I wish I could find some gluten free vegan pizza dough that isn't annoying/time consuming to make.

Oh and now I know why grapefruits make a frequent appearance on your plate! Yum!

Miss Rachel said...

The recent brown food theme / discussion is kinda making me giggle. However, I doubt the Eggless Egg Salad will itself be brown, right? It'll just be between slices of brown bread, which we all know is very good for us.

foodfeud said...

How do you possibly eat only one of those little spirulina squares??

blessedmama said...

Ha ha, I had to look at Tuesday's food just to see all the brownness and that's when I saw that you've switched up your cereal to accommodate certain readers' tastes for variety. I feel your stare. Grape Nuts are good, but Trader Joe's has a cheerio type cereal with a bunch of berries in it, Whole Foods has a gelatin-free frosted mini wheats, and so on. We love our cereals, here. As for today, I like that you keep a stash of goodies to munch upon at work.

kimberly said...

the salad looks delicious!

and i can't tell you how much i adore the pretzel/chocolate combo. mmm!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!!

Ingrid, Mr SV had a bunch of Thursday meetings at work and had to WTF on Wednesday so we switched. Our main goal in WTFing is for someone to be home with the pups. We're selfless like that.

VaVa, I've never had a fresh-picked Grapefruit before. That must really be something special.

Miss Rachel, you are correct! The Eggless Egg Salad brought some pretty mustardy/turmericy yellow to my day.

FF, I eat the little energy squares in a very slow and deliberate manner -- two bites.

Blessed Mama, it's a little late now to be giving me cereal options don't you think? Not to worry, I was able to find an alternative to that boring old Kashi you were so sick of.

Kimberly, I suppose I did have a chocolate pretzel combo in my belly after eating both.