Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday, January 8th

No doily can make up for the wretched bowl of gruel served to me this morning. Instant Oatmeal with Brown Sugar $2.29 at "Eggspectations" for breakfast. Back to the Fruit Plate next time...
Another Groupon-induced meal for lunch. This time at Thai Deelish where Mr. SV & I split 'Fresh Rolls' $5.25 Tofu, Cucumbers, Carrots, Celery, Basil, Rice Noodles and Lettuce rolled in Rice Paper, served with Peanut Plum Sauce.
I enjoyed the Green Curry with Tofu $13.95 - Green Beans, Eggplant, Bamboo Shoots and Basil Leaves in Coconut Green Curry over Linguini
Here it is again, reheated with Broccoli, as leftovers for dinner.
I have no explanation as to why I chose to eat the other half of my Snickerdoodle tonight, however, this half was actually chewy! How did they get one half of the cookie crispy and the other half chewy? Tasted great with Peanut Butter too.
Besides the mealy Tomato and $2.29/bowl of Instant Oatmeal, this past weekend has been full of trauma like my 'Check Engine ' light going on in my car, a $550 bill for one of my cats that has chronic constipation requiring multiple enemas and an overnight stay at the vet's, knocking over a glass of wine and splashing it all over my laptop/camera/bedside wall, getting a strange tickle in my throat and being unable to stop coughing at 11pm last night. Lots of good stuff like that. That said, I feel justified in posting mediocre pics of the bathroom-now-barn-cats. Marmalade Umlaut and her two scaredy cat kittens eye me with suspicion as I bring them food, water and fresh litter...
A very dour face on the usually clownish Donovan. He's the only one we're allowed to touch.
The ethereal Mystique. Never stops posing till my camera is able to focus on her...
Remember, these pics were taken upstairs in a barn and the new tenants are relentless in tearing up the place.


Rose said...

Yeah...suffice it to say oatmeal and doilies are a bad combo; both conjure up visions of gruel in my mind.

The Thai food looks awesome though!!

Sounds like a bit of a rough weekend! I hear you on the vet bills; yikes! I could buy a house for all the money I've spent at the vet over the years...and spilling wine on everything is a common mishap around here...Mr D and I are considering buying a wine-colored carpet...

Anyway, the kitty pics are great!

Ingrid said...

Lunch looks so good, especially the appetizer! I've been looking at peanut-based sauces lately, and the peanut plum sounds good.

I hear you - issues come in bundles, as opposed to singles. I hope all calms soon, and you can catch a break!

Ha, ha! Those kitties are something else! Mama always seems to look so disgruntled, even though you care for her. She must be whispering her distrust of humans to her offspring! Nonetheless, I would love on any of them if they let me. :)

xvavaveganx said...

Bummer about that oatmeal. It looks a little soupy. I would second the fruit plate for next time. Your thai rolls are really beautiful and that curry looks great too!

Sorry you had such a tough weekend. One of my cats actually had the same exact problem. I'm a spazz and spill things constantly so I feel your pain there too...and being sick is the worst! Lots of liquid and vitamin C and try and get some rest!

The kitties are gorgeous as always! I wish I had a barn. I think I'm a little jealous.

foodfeud said...

Poor poopy kitty. Sorry to hear about the problems. Hope the car/computer/laptop all still work well.
The curry looks great. "So nice, had to have it twice."
The cats look gorgeous as always.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Rose, agreed. Putting a doily under a bowl of Oatmeal is just a big red flag that something ain't right. Also, I dunno about your vet bills, but I could buy a house for all the money I've spent on Metacam alone. Every vet visit, I come home with more Metcam. Save your money on new wine colored rugs and just stain the old ones yourselves.

Ingrid, you definitely picked up on Lady Marmalade's vibe. She is full of seething rage. Just a few months living and giving birth outside and she hates the world.

VaVa, ha! I'm sure your barn would be full of the work of local artists with a little barrista stand in the corner.

FF, thanks. Hard to find an ugly cat. Although my photography skills don't do my 'clowder' any justice.