Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday, January 22nd

The Fruit Plate $7.29 at Eggspectations for breakfast. Mr SV noted that if I weren't vegan, I'd probably never eat fruit again. That might be pushing it, but veganism has gotten me into ordering things like this Fruit Plate that I never would've thought to do in my 'pregan' days.
On that note, Groupons are to thank for introducing us to Thai Deelish. This is the first restaurant I ever went to using a Groupon that I was willing to return to without a Groupon. Mr. SV and I started with the Golden Tofu $5.95 - Fried Tofu With a Side of Crushed Peanut Plum Sauce..
My Stir-Fried Sukiyaki $8.95 Glass Noodles, Napa Cabbage and Watercress in an exotic Sesame Sauce.
Hard Times Cafe is to thank for creating this Chili Mix that I served on Spaghetti tonight.
TJ's Cherry Cordials for dessert because I was feeling quite cordial today.
So it was a good food weekend.


foodfeud said...

FIRST! Now I have to type really quickly so no one else takes my spot! UmUm, sweet fruit plate. They really hook you up.
Yeah, the Groupon phenomenon is pretty funny - I'm totally willing to buy things I'd never buy otherwise just because it's a good deal. Glad you lucked out on one place, at least.

xvavaveganx said...

I'd say you had a great food weekend! That fruit plate is gorgeous and your lunch looks and sounds so delicious! That tofu looks like it is cooked perfectly! Pasta is always nice and comforting and I'm loving the cordial pic!

I've found some interesting deals on groupon but haven't actually bought anything. I tend to check places out before I buy it then rationalize why I don't need it. I actually did that today with a yoga studio who's website was so terrible and incoherent I couldn't even fathom paying the majorly discounted price.

Isobelle said...

I need to eat a big breakfast with a load of different fruits like that one day. The only fruit I always have on hand are apples and bananas.
Which reminds me of this:

I wish I had a cherry cordial. TJ's is too far of a trip for me though. Gas is too costly, now.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, guess you didn't need to type too fast after all. Took an hour and a half for a second comment to come in. I'm starting to catch on that most Groupons wind up costing me money at places I don't even enjoy. Till then, I'm scarfing them up left and right.

VaVa, wow! I'm shocked you've never bought a Groupon! Very level headed of you. Guess they appeal to impulse buyers such as myself.

Isotope, I like to oot oot oot apples and banoonoos. Thanks. Now I'll never get that out of my head.

Ingrid said...

I almost bought (and now totally wished I did) a $10 "salt caving" spa deal on Groupon today. Apparently it's a room with salt walls and floors, and it has therapeutic affects on allergies, asthma, what not. Anyway, your Thai Deelish deal look really tasty!