Saturday, January 28, 2012

Saturday, January 28th

I slept really late so no breakfast, just a really big lunch using one of the two $20 for $40 Groupons to Thai Deelish that I bought this week. During our meal, the regular server disappeared in the middle of our entrees and the new server proceeded to totally ignore us and our empty glasses. That's all it took for me to regret buying that extra Groupon. Ever buy more than one Groupon for a place and then realize you may never want to go back? I started with the Golden Tofu $5.95 - Fried Tofu With a Side of Crushed Peanut Plum Sauce..
My Stir-Fried Sukiyaki $10.95 (Dinner portion) Glass Noodles, Napa Cabbage and Watercress in an exotic Sesame Sauce. Great food, hopefully service will be better next time.
Sorry for the sudden assault of garishness: Boca Chicken Patties and Roasted Cauliflower for dinner.
Half an Oatmeal Raisin Cookie for dessert from Everlasting Life Cafe.
Since the weather was in the 50's, I let the Guineas out and got a few semi-decent pics of them enjoying the sunshine. Tried taking pics of the barn cats today, but none of them turned out.
Coming up tomorrow: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Dessert. Hopefully with a few kitty pics tossed in for extra cuteness.


xvavaveganx said...

Yay for fun animal pics! So yesterday I wasn't suggesting getting rid of gluten and sugar at all! If I wasn't gluten intolerant I'd still be eating tons of glutenous treats!

Good for you sleeping late! You have to get up so early during the week, it is nice that you got a chance to sleep in. I'm sorry the service at lunch was so bad but the food looked amazing and hopefully that made up for the service a little.

Dinner looks yummy and comforting and the cookie looks great as always. Love the pics of the animals and I'm looking forward to possible seeing the kitties tomorrow!

Ingrid said...

Even though the kitties wouldn't cooperate, the Guineas are gorgeous!! If I may ask, how did they come to join your family?

Makes you wonder what went wrong / happened to the original server? I bet there's a juicy story waiting to be discovered. Speaking of good stuff, I yet again lust for the appetizer. . .

Stacy said...

Like Ingrid, I'd love the backstory on the hens.

BTW, it's actually been ridiculously warm and not snowy here in Canuckistan. We've only had one serious snow so far. We're supposed get maybe 5 inches today but then Tuesday is getting up to the mid-40s and staying there for several days.

Is anyone still reading this comment? I know, totally boring to everyone but me. I hope Feb doesn't clobber us!!!

Molly said...

The Guineas are so pretty! Ho many animals do you have?

Too bad the service, stunk, but hopefully that was just an isolated incident.

Rose said...

The Thai food looks deelish, so I guess the restaurant is well named. Forgive me for being out of touch, but what is a $20 for $40 coupon? Does it mean you get half of 40 dollars?

The guinea hens are adorable!

Miss Rachel said...

Love the hen photo. I would like to know the back story there too. Are you a gentlewoman farmer?

The tofu entree looks delish; too bad the service was sucky.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, I think your comments have stuck three days in a row now. Maybe we're past the disappearing problem? I hope so.

Ingrid, all our Chickens and Guineas were found on Craigslist. When adopted, the Guineas are first 'homed' in the barn for six weeks before being allowed outside to eat invasive & parasitic insects. We're hoping the original server returns as well. Without getting into specfics, I don't think he met with foul play.

Stacy, your Canadian lifestyle is not boring to me. We haven't had a winter this year either except for a freak snowstorm in October. Might be that 'global warming' is real afterall?

Molly, we have three pups, nine cats and 17 members of a backyard flock. Hope you are getting the cast off soon and can start blogging again. We miss seeing Emma & Rowan;-)

Rose, I paid $20 for $40 worth of food. So at the restaurant we order $40 worth of food (as close as possible) and then when the check comes they deduct the Groupon and the bill is down to $0 except for tax & tip. Feels like its free cuz you forget the $20 you originally paid. Buy a Groupon! It's addictive.

Miss Rachel, I wish I was a gentlewoman farmer. Or even just a farmer. We have eleven hens, two roosters and four guineas. All adopted off Craigslist.