Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday, January 29th

The Fruit Plate $7.29 at Eggspectations for breakfast. Only one Groupon left use. I don't see us returning after that.
The rest of the Gardein Crispy Orange Chicken for dessert. Yes, I ate the entire package again just like last time, but I didn't feel sick like last time.
Now onto barn cat pics: Ethereal Mystique saw me come in with my camera this afternoon and she could not stop vamping. Sheer beauty.
Jasper wanted everyone to see what a great job Blue Ridge Veterinary Associates did on his vasectomy.
Donovan (on the ground) was too busy being crazy to pose.
Finally, Marmalade Umlaut. She may look like her usual sour puss self below, but this past week the seemingly impossible happened. One morning before work, I had a strange vibe it would be okay if I dared to reach out and pet her . The floodgates opened. She has become insatiable. I can rub, scratch and massage her all I want and she purrs like an outboard motor. Pretty soon I'll probably be able to pick her up and hold her. Who would've thunk it after months of her lunging, hissing and spitting at me?! Guess I must do a pretty good job serving up the high quality grub and keeping the litter boxes clean in a timely manner.
This weekend sure flew by fast. Anybody else's weekend fly by fast?


xvavaveganx said...

The weekend always flies fast over here! Gorgeous kitty pics!! I love all of their names too! Very beautiful animals, you have quite the crew and I'm quite jealous of that.

That fruit plate looks gorgeous and fresh as usual. I LOVE oven fries and your lunch looks delicious. That squash stir fry sounds really interesting and delicious, I'm going to have to check it out!

Thanks for sharing the kitty pics :) They always make me smile!

Zoa said...

How wonderful--those kittens are freaking adorable, and once again kudos to you for taking such good care of them. As for Marmalade, that must have been some moment.

Rose said...

Love, love, love the kitty pics and commentary! Too cute for words! And, Marmalade Umlaut approves! What a big stride in feral kitty/human relations. Well done Shen!

I've tried that gardein orange chicken before and it was pretty good...but the texture is just a little too tender for me. I still prefer the 7-grain nugget thingys. Love the sound of the squash too.

The weekends always go too fast!

Ingrid said...

Hooray for kitties!! I'm so happy to see them thriving, and congratulations on gaining Mama's trust! All of them look really sweet and playful. Not to mention, your captions are perfect! Ha!

At least the fruit plate looks tasty, even if the rest of the menu isn't.

The weekends always go by too quickly - I am in favor of three day weekends. Permanently.

Stacy said...

Thanks for the link to the squash...I used one of our precious free NYT article reads to check it out.

One of our cats was a little like MU when we adopted her. I thought that we'd never ever ever be able to pick her up but once she figured out that we weren't planning to kill her once she let her guard down, she's been all over us ever since. She's still very skittish, though. Is MU?

foodfeud said...

Uh that reminds me, I should really clean out the litterbox.
(The cats reminded me - not yr grub)
Wonder what was wrong with the top 1/8th of yr banana?
Not sure if we've ever seen a weekend lunch at home! And in daylight! Looks great, as does the squash. Love kabocha.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, we do have quite a crew here. Wish it wasn't so much work and I could relax and just enjoy spending time with everyone. Glad you liked the pics.

Zoa, I'd read of others who've befriended feral cats, but definitely never thought Marmalade would be that kind. I was fully prepared to lose some blood when I reached out, but she was ready to see what the kittens were experiencing.

Rose, I know what you're saying about the Gardein texture. That's how I feel about the Scallopini. Did you ever think we'd live to see the day where we could be picky about our faux meat?

Ingrid, whoever (whomever?) came up with the two-day weekend just did not have a lot going on in their life, obviously.

Stacy, sorry you wasted one of your 20 NYTimes articles on this recipe. Wish there was a calculator on the site to let you know how many articles you've viewed and how many you have left. Anyway, I didn't care for the recipe but it might work out better for you. Don't blame me if it doesn't. MU isn't skittish, but very quiet and still. If she doesn't like my activity with the kittens, she gets up and goes to sit inside the cat condo to watch.

FF, funny you should ask about the tips of the Banana. Mr. SV and I were suspicious of that as well. The weekend went by so incredibly fast, I didn't have time to eat lunch out on Sunday.

kimberly said...

i love the kitty pics!! so glad that mama is coming around.