Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, January 23rd

Grapefruit & Energy Bite for breakfast..
Lots of good beige food off WF's Salad Bar for lunch.
Chickpea Cutlets and Sweet Potato Fries with Curry Sauce for dinner.
So I could sum this up by mentioning the amount of carbs, or the Chinese New Year, or Newt Gingrich, but nothing seems to fit. I'll just be back tomorrow with more carb-laden vegan food.


Molly said...

We haven't had chickpea cutlets in a while. I love them!

I've still got to make that dessert, which I should do soon. Haven't tried baking with one arm yet, but it would be worth the extra effort!

Rose said...

Yeah, Newt is just not appropriate material for uplifting vegan blogs.

It all looks good to me; I'm starving right now, I could really lace into that salad!

foodfeud said...

I bet you've got a great Newt Gingrich jab up yr sleeve that you just aren't letting us have. How Rude!
What is in the curry sauce? It looks thick!

Zoa said...

A while ago I was trying to get my head around the concept of a vegan Atkins-type diet, and finally realized that pretty much all vegan food is carbs. All carbs, all the time, and ethical to boot. Cool!

Stacy said...

Newt, ugh.
Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. Work is lately sucking my zest for living dry.
Your last post made me wonder how long you've been a vegan. Mind sharing?

Miss Rachel said...

Those chickpea cutlets (and the sauce) look very delish. I showed my Sweetie the picture and he said, "Well, if you have the recipe..." and then I clicked on the link, and lo, there is a recipe! So thanks for that.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Molly, the Pumpkin Bread without that Icing would be suitable for Pup consumption. Hope you're making a rapid recovery.

Rose, I wonder what Callista thinks when she looks at her darling husband?

FF, if by 'jab' you mean typing something that would alert the secret service to my blog, then, yes, I do have a little jab for Newt. The 'Curry Sauce' is Vegenaisse mixed with Curry Powder till a purdy yellow color.

Zoa, that makes me feel a little better. Although for some reason the food I eat looks like carbs and the food you eat looks like non-carbs.

Stacy, that's an excellent question. I often wonder if I measure the start date of my veganism since the last time I knowingly ate animal products. In which case, I've been vegan two days (no one, including myself, noticed the scrambled egg whites on my Thai stirfry till it was too late. Who knew there were eggs in Thai stir fry????). I believe i went vegan about a year before I started this blog. How about you?

Miss Rachel, Chickpea Cutlets are a mandatory vegan right of passage! Get Sweetie on that right away!

VaVa, Writer Of The Amazing Disappearing Comment which said: "Beige or not that food looks awesome! Your WFs lunch looks especially yummy but I'm a big fan of chickpea cutlets! One of the things I miss most since giving up gluten. I should make those zucchini pancakes to make myself feel better about it :) Love sweet potato fries and that cake still looks scrumptious! I'd say you had a great food day! Gotta love carbs." So cheerful and uplifting! I had a pretty good food day. Thank you!