Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday, January 13th

A pretty and healthy start to the day...
The 'Express Salad' $5.95 from Guapos Mexican Restaurant for lunch. Topped with Goddess Dressing (I keep a bottle in the fridge at work. Lord knows what my coworkers have done to it).
Leftover Stuffed Shells with lots of Oregano. I dunno about you but, try as I might, I just can't get enough Oregano these days.
Lightlife Bologna with lots and lots of Vegenaisse on WF's Seven Grain Bread for dessert.
I successfully navigated Friday The 13th without calamity. I hope the same is true for my readers.


Isobelle said...

Did you know that exactly 13 weeks from today is another Friday the 13th? And that exactly 13 weeks after that is another Friday the 13th?

I've never seen anybody have a sandwich for dessert. Looks tasty though :)

xvavaveganx said...

Ooooh interesting fact Isobelle!! Your meals look super tasty! Those stuffed shells look just as delicious this time around. I need to get my hands on some of that ricotta!

That is definitely a savory dessert :)

Ingrid said...

I've had many a birthday on Friday the 13th (not today, obviously).

Seeing as "guapo" means "handsome", did you find the restaurant staff appropriately handsome?

Stuffed shells, yes. Oregano, yes.

Molly said...

i've been craving a sandwich like that all week and those shells look spectacular. very good food day!

foodfeud said...

I always wonder if people touch my stuff in the fridge at work! I've seen people's lunches fall out...onto the floor...more than once and the person just says Uh Oh and puts what they can scoop up back in!!!! I invest in VERY tightly packed up tupperware. BUT WHAT IF THEY ACCIDENTALLY DRINK MY KOMBUCHA?? AND SPIT IT BACK IN!!! omg I'm dying.

Rose said...

I love oregano too, just goes so well with tomatoey things, and salad too, as far as I'm concerned.

Those shells look heavenly, and as leftovers to boot!

Today was the best day of this week for me, Friday 13th notwithstanding...this week was a rough one for me. Anyway, I shouldn't speak too soon, it's not midnight yet!

Happy Weekend Shen!

Miss Rachel said...

Two of my favorite condiments - Goddess dressing and Vegenaise - yum!

There was this guy at I place I worked who used someone's bottle of salad dressing all the time and finally got caught by the owner. He had wondered why the bottle seemed to be emptying so quickly. I think the mooch also helped himself after hours to food people left in their cubicles. Coworkers thought it was the cleaning person but I think it was Moochy Moocherson.

blessedmama said...

For an express salad, it looks full of goodies. That's a keeper. As far as oregano, I've never sprinkled it directly on my food like that. I've always cooked it. Interesting you're going through an specific-herb-phase. Your body must need it! (By the way, I make bread, not cake. I don't want to set you up for disappointment, and if you thought it was cake, I'm afraid you would be...)

blessedmama said...

"made" bread, not "make" bread. Sheesh, I make both, you know. Eh.

Stacy said...

Why your coworkers sabotage your salad dressing?!?!

Those stuffed shells still look great!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Isotope, thanks for the info. Is this your way of reminding me that my life will be exactly the same both 13 and 26 weeks from now?

VaVa, don't be too impressed, I'm sure Isotope culled that little calendar tidbit from somewhere else.

Ingrid, there may have been one or two handsome women manning the registers at Guapos...

Molly, is Mike not providing you proper nutrition during your convalescence?

FF, your place of work always sounds post apocalyptic. Been there.

Rose, oh so you're like on an 'opposite' thing from everything else that is supposed to be happening. Sounds interesting.

Miss Rachel, it's official, after these comments, I'm no longer keeping any condiments in the shared fridge.

Blessed Mama, who doesn't keep a industrial-sized canister of Oregano in the pantry? It's better than Garlic Powder and Black Olives combined. Additionally, now I don't see how I can't make the Pumpkin Cake/Bread.

Stacy, I don't understand your question.

kimberly said...

i ate at guapo's one time about 6 years ago when my brother lived in maryland! i can't remember what i ate--i wasn't vegan yet.