Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WTF Wednesday

Lunch was a bunch of organic Plums (you think I'd let my daughter lick pesticides off fruit?)
...and a cup of Pistachios...
Okara Burgers and Tater Tots w/Elise's Fry Sauce for dinner.
Nanaimo Bars for dessert. (These are the bars from Sarah Kramer's 2011 Calender, month of June). The bottom layer came out too crumbly. Still quite palatable.
We're over Hump Day! Glass half full!


foodfeud said...

Mmm dog slobber seasoning! (Glass half full of vodka?)

xvavaveganx said...

OMG I want all of your meals. Now I'm craving chocolate and tater tots lol. And every time I see your gorgeous pups I want to run out and adopt my own little furbaby to love! SOmeday!

Dianne said...

Your Nanaimo bars have a bigger frosting layer than mine. I ended up freezing mine, which keeps them together well (and you can eat them frozen if they're already cut up)

Molly said...

Love the plum licking shot. <3

Michelle said...

Looks like your daughter washed the plums for you....too cute!

Rose said...

Plums and pistachios sounds like a good combo. The fry sauce almost cheezy...looks good!

Jesse said...

I love that first picture! And your right, no decent person could let their daughter lick pesticides - ick!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, I totally didn't think of a glass half full of vodka! Great idea!

VaVa, I know you'll adopt from a shelter when you get to that point in your life.

Dianne, I'll try pre-cutting & freezing this weekend. These were a lot of work, totally bummed about the bottom layer.

Molly, the pups were extremely interested in the plums. I think they would probably devour them if given the opportunity.

Michelle2, she was trying to wash all the plums, bless her heart.

Rose, thanks! I thought fruit & nuts would be a good combo.

Jesse, thanks! My babies free-range sh*t a lot, but I wont allow them actual poison.