Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday, July 11th

A bunch of delicious stuff (like Tofu, Quinoa, Mushrooms, Asparagus) off WF's Salad Bar today. At top are some tiny Black Beans. Not lentils. Anyone recognize them?
Tofurky Kielbasa on Pretzel Bread with Potato Salad for dinner.
There are so many Pretzel Baguette ingredients I'm no longer sure what I'm seeing. Verification that it's vegan would be appreciated (or, if you prefer, work on identifying the itty-bitty Black Beans I had at lunch).
Half of a Sticky Fingers Chocolate Chip Cookie for dessert. Two pups were quite interested in posing for this pic (or eating my dessert).
It may not look it, but this cookie was pretty incredible -- rich and sugary.
Stoli and Lemonade (and a gorgeous girl) to help with the unwinding process.
So that was my day in food. Not too shabby.


xvavaveganx said...

As usual your Whole Foods finds at the salad bar look delicious! As far as the pretzel baguette, the ingredients are confusing but if there was whey (the controversial ingredient if i remember correctly?) they should write it contains milk next to wheat at the bottom since it is one of the major allergens. I also didn't see it in the ingredients but my head was spinning lol. Yummy cookie and yay puppy!

Rose said...

Are they black azuki beans?

"A bunch of delicious stuff..." lol, sounds good to me!

That is a confusing label....I wonder what amylase is...

Love the pup photos...esp. the two little pup snoozles around that cookie.

susan said...

Pidgeon peas? dark brown vs black? check out a can of goya to see if they are the same?

Just finished a peanut butter bomb from vegan treats...maybe just a little tastier than the cookie.

Two dogs sniffers are better than one.

Vegan Flower said...

No idea on the beans, but the bread looks vegan to me. :)

What's your pup's name, btw? I keep meaning to ask. She is quite the beauty. <3

dirtyduck said...

that pic with the two nozzles in it? excellent:)

the tiny black beans might be adzuki?i think rose spelled them correctly. i had them before, did yours taste like dirt?lol

amalase(sp) ingredients im not sure, and the bacteria culture could be.. i have no idea. wouldnt whole foods say if it was vegan or not? i thought they labeled everything really well.

foodfeud said...

I have no idea what anything is but I do remember thinking it was sort of bizarre when someone was surprised that I ate yeast as a vegan. WF is usually pretty good about "normal" ingredients and labeling obviously things that aren't vegan.

Anonymous said...

Those are black soy beans or black turtle beans :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

VaVa, THANK YOU for agreeing that the list of Pretzel Baguette ingredients was mind boggling!

Rose & Michelle, I think you called it on the Azuki beans. We'll never know for sure, but thanks for the help!

Susan, I've done Pigeon Peas before and they were softer than these little black beans. Also, I got a slice of the PB Bomb a few weeks ago and while it was a gorgeous piece of art, I wasn't blown away. You really enjoyed your's huh?

VF, funny you should ask. My beautiful pup's name is 'Molly'. It's a good friendly down-to-earth name;-)

FF, that is an interesting point cuz yeast ingestion is incouraged in a raw food diet. Look at you making all kinds of logical sense and what not!

Lacey, I looked up 'black soy beans' and 'black turtle beans' and you know beans! I hope to find out for sure some day what these were.

Vegan Flower said...

Really?!? I love when pups share my name! That just made my day. <3

amymylove said...

the only thing that i find questionable is amylase... i googled alpha amylase it it should be vegan...

kimberly said...

the old vodka/lemonade...can never go wrong there!