Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tuesday, July 5th

No Meato Burrito from California Tortilla for lunch today.
Field Roast Meatloaf with Heinz-57 and Potato Salad for dinner.
Yesterday, VaVa told me to mix Blueberry Vodka with Lemonade. Didn't have to tell me twice or nothin. Best advice I've had a very long time. (There's a pup lurking behind those bottles).
WF's Blueberry Pie for dessert.
So that's that and that too.


dirtyduck said...

hey giiiirl. i see that lurking pup...he and i have something in common.....

Vegan Flower said...

No meato burrito- is that the actual name of it? I love it!

I mix lemonade with iced tea, but Mike will sometimes mix alcohol with it. He just had a beerade the other day.

xvavaveganx said...

Yay glad you liked the drink!! I'm definitely going to make the full on slushie version of it at some point! That burrito looks so good I'm so jealous!

foodfeud said...

Did you have the blueberry vodka on hand already? Sounds tasty.

Rose said...

Blueberry vodka lemonade...oh yeah, now you're speaking my language...slushie version too? Yes, please!

Dianne said...

oh yum. A Blue Drop.

Jessica said...

I just figured out that Heinz 57 is not just ketchup. Now I need to buy a bottle.

Sounds like a great summery drink, too.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Michelle, the other Michelle took a powder as well. There are currently no vegan Michelles posting that I'm aware of.

VF, yes, it's the 'No Meato Burrito'. Saves me a little hassle when ordering.

VaVa, The slushy/ie version seemed like an expensive use of blueberries. I'm oh so happy with the not slushy/ie version.

FF, I did have to go to the liquor store for the vodka -- but the ABC store is conveniently located a few doors down from the burrito place.

Rose, I know!

Dianne, learn somthing new every day. 'Blueberry Drop'!?

Jessica, what can I say? Heinz-57 is not ketchup. Don't ask me how it's not. It just isn't.

Health Seeker's Kitchen said...

I love the picture of the No Meato Burrito from California Tortilla-Yum...it looks delicious and healhy.

kimberly said...

i like tat burrito--never heard of the restaurant...is it particular to your area?