Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sunday, July 17th

Lunch was at Cafe Indigo where we both enoyed a cup of Carrot Soup with Tangerine Oil & Flowers $5 Exquisite!
I had 'The Freshest Mess of Planet Earth' - diversified Greens tossed in a 'Virginia Vinegar Works Sweet Petit Lemonade Vinaigrette' with local Wildflower Pollen and Smoked Sunflower Seeds $6. Really flavorful combination of bitter greens, cheesy pollen, lemony dressing and smokey seeds. Wish I could eat like this every day, but, what are ya gonna do?
I'm posting Mr. SV's Fruit Salad $3 because of the wineberries . This is what I call major locavority. Wineberries are currently growing wild in Virginia.
Shenwich for dinner (WF's Original Hummus, Baby Spinach, Diced Red Onion and Sliced Tomato on a Toasted Ezekiel English Muffin).
Being an Old Rummy tonight.


Rose said...

The Cafe Indigo food is gorgeous. I love the flowers and tangerine oil on the soup and that salad with wildflower pollen and lemonade vinaigrette..."bitter, cheesy, lemony, smokey: WOW that sounds good. I can't believe how inexpensive it was.

Wineberries look lovely. I've never had them; I don't think they grow around here.

The Shenwich looks pretty awesome too. :)

xvavaveganx said...

I have to agree with everything Rose said! The Cafe food looks divine and the Shenwich always looks delicious. That soup and fruit salad were especially yummy looking!

dirtyduck said...

cheesy pollen, wow thats really cool!and im with Rose,the prices are great.wineberies are really cute.

foodfeud said...

Cheesy pollen..I have no idea what that means. Everything looks absolutely wonderful, though. What are the wineberries like?

LittleHouseofVeggies said...

WOW girl. You had some new and totally delicious looking eats! The carrot soup with tnagerine? YUM. And the salad1 ANd I am happy to see you finally named your sandwich the shenwich. LOL I love it!!

Vegan Flower said...

The soup looks like a work of art! So gorgeous.

Never had wineberries, but want to. I've never met a berry I didn't like and I love the colors in the fruit salad.

Your salad sounds equally yummy. A very divine food day for you!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Rose, you would love Cafe Indigo. Seattle-grade food. And, yes! inexpensive to boot.

VaVa, wish I could've taken better pics of the food. Any advice on that front would be appreciated.

Michelle, yeah, I ate pollen. What's that about? I felt like it wasn't vegan but I wasn't sure how.

FF, wineberries are like raspberries. They grow along the woodland edges. In Virginia, you'll see a lot of people picking them this time of year. Free food!

Morgan, you know that Nora from 'Pride & Vegudice' is gonna come along any day now and steal the rights to the sandwich back from me. Serves me right.

VF, it really was a divine food day. If I survived soley on the weeds in the driveway, I'd probably feel like a million bucks!

xvavaveganx said...

I think your pics are great! The things that i think about when I take photos are lighting, angles, and composition. Natural light always looks nicest but sometimes it isn't available. I play with depth of field and focus a lot but I don't know what kind of camera you are shooting with. I shoot with my dSLR with manual settings so I control everything (light, focus, etc.). I try to find different angles or play with composition with meals I repeat a lot. What do you shoot with?