Saturday, July 23, 2011

Saturday, July 23rd

Lunch was at Haute Dogs and Fries. One more Groupon to use before August 9th. Life is rough.
Many pretty Fries were devoured.
Yves Salami Sandwich for dinner.
I found some Vegan Chocolate Syrup a while back and opened it tonight.
Made a simple 'sundae' for dessert with chopped Almonds. Needed waaaay more syrup. Should probably just guzzle the chocolate syrup straight out of the bottle.
Speaking of guzzling, yesterday, Rose questioned the old Vodka ties that bind. Cut to tonight -- a bottle of "Tenure". A horrible name for a Polish Vodka that comes in a fancy bottle, and, most importantly, was on sale for $23.95. I'm happy to report that Tenure works just as well as the Stoli. Thanks for helping me stretch my horizons, Rose!
Food models: 'Molly' (Border Collie in miniature), 'Thumper' (dog kissing bandit), 'Poley' (center of my universe). Not pictured, 'Teddy', (Jack Russell Terrier, camera shy like his Mommy).


Molly said...

Thumper looks so much like Crystal! You know, we've considered adopting a third dog several times, but always vote it down. Maybe eventually we'll break down.....

Those fries look absolutely perfect. We've had that syrup before and I agree- drinking it straight from the bottle would be quite nice.

xvavaveganx said...

OMG your animals are gorgeous! So cute I can't even deal. And those fries are also super yummy looking! I've tried the vegan hot cocoa mix from that brand and was super unimpressed but it sounds like the syrup is better.

Health Seeker's Kitchen said...

The food looks yummy. Molly and cute!

foodfeud said...

Your cat and dog are like mirror images in that photo! They look alike, just different species. "Animals are people too" and "Dogs are cats too, ya know."
Hilarious name for the vodka. I have a feeling some of my teachers started hitting the juice once they got tenure too.

Rose said...

Hey, thanks for the input on the vodka front. :)

That was the first thing I thought of too: that Thumper looks like Crystal. All your food and drink models are adorable.

Those haute dogs get me every time.

Jessica said...

Oh, I am loving the veggie dogs and real dogs. And cat.

You are right - those are pretty fries. What a great Saturday!

dirtyduck said...

wait, the white dog in this pic(the last one) is poley? right?cuz he is white? youhave four dogs? its strange how dogs know they are getting their picture taken isnt it? my friends dog will run out of the room if she sees her just getting it out.that sandwich is serious business...

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VF, currently I have two Tuxedo Cats. They're so special. Yes, it's tough integrating a new pup into the fold, but so many homeless pups would really love to be a member of your family.

VaVa, I have never seen the hot cocoa mix. Thanks for the heads up.

Deb, thanks! Molly & Thump are total sweetie pies. My reason for living.

FF, what genetic engineering went into creating these little beings in their chic B&W coats? Tell me!

Rose, Haute Dogs are so photogenic. I feel like Scavullo when I see the pics I take there.

Jessica, I've had some some great grub lately. I hope it continues.

Michelle, Poley was pre-named when we adopted him and we assume it was cuz he's a total Roley Poley. We only have the three pups now, Baby Buff passed away unexpectedly last month. We miss her terribly, she was so unique & hilarious. I used up all the Salami for the sandwich cuz I knew otherwise it would just go bad. Phew! So much typing! I'm sleepy!

VegInDenver said...

Thank Zog for Vodka..

kimberly said...

those hot dogs look exceptionally pretty.