Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday, July 9th

Yves Bologna Sandwich and Potato Salad for lunch.
Okara Burgers and Tater Babies w/Elise's Fry Sauce for dinner.
I ran out of lemonade, but managed to make do with some Orange Steaz.
Wasn't as great as with the Blueberry Vodka and Lemonade, but did the trick.
WF's Blueberry Pie with Almond Dream Vanilla Ice Cream for dessert.
I'm still on that living to eat jag.


Rose said...

That sandwich and tater salad looks perfect! I must make some potato salad because looking at yours throughout the week has got me hankering for it...also, you've been a good influence on me with the Vodka too. I bought a bottle of Absolut yesterday...having with with orange Zevia as I type!

foodfeud said...

Ooh Stolichnaya, hello high school memories.
I like the look of your sandwich, despite despising bologna - but rye bread with seeds is one of my favorites.

Jessica said...

Wait, ff was drinking Stoli in High School? Wow! Did I read that right?

I made some potato salad today. I've been wanting it for a while. I didn't get the parsley decoration, though.

Vegan Flower said...

Yes, Courage burgers! Those are the kind I used to buy. We did go to Whole Foods recently, but I didn't look for them...... however, we did find pretzel rolls & discovered that the Milwaukee WF puts whey in theirs. :( We were really looking forward to putting tofurky & pepperjack Daiya on them, then wrapping them in tinfoil and baking them. Oh well. Will have to find an equally yummy looking roll!

xvavaveganx said...

Oooh the sandwich looks great, and I agree with FF, the rye bread is/was a fav of mine as well! I love the abundance of puppy pics lately!!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Rose, glad I was able to have a positive impact on your life. You've certainly been a positive influence on mine. I haven't seen Zevia in these parts.

FF, oh aren't we all Miss Snobby Pants today?! Stoli is for high schoolers! Bologna is dispicable! I'm so relieved Rye Bread WITH SEEDS meets with your approval!

Jessica, (what is FF huffing, right?) Anyway, I put the Paprika and Parsley on the Potato Salad so it shows up in the photos.

VF, I will double check the Pretzel Rolls in my local WFs next time I go. I'm trying not to go so much cuz it's ridiculous. I seriously doubt I could've overlooked whey. I hope not! That would be scary.

VaVa, this cocktail/puppy pic thing might be just the gimmick I need to finally get my blog noticed by the major populi.

Vegan Flower said...

Yeah, I doubt that you overlooked it. I've heard that different locations make their things with different ingredients. Plus, this is Wisconsin, so it's almost a crime to not put some dairy in everything.