Saturday, July 16, 2011

Saturday, July 16th

Lunch was at Panorama at the Peak where I started with a Pomegranate Martini $9.99
Fried Green Tomato Sandwich $11.99 came with Pasta Salad. Our server was very diligent in ensuring our grub was vegan. So kudos for that.
Tofu Scramble with Hash Brown and half a Tofurky Sausage for dinner.
I kept the Pomegranate theme going through the evening.
Still on the rum -- Mount Gay to be precise.


dirtyduck said...

breakfast for dinner:) good for you waiter. that mkes eating out so pleasant.we went out for Chinese buffet. we felt like cattle.

foodfeud said...

Did you see Bianca's fried green tomato post? This is something I am not on to. Are the tomatoes unripe? Or just green?

Rose said...

That fried green tomatoes sandwich sounds awfully good...I've got to try some of those soon.

Panorama Peak looks like a beautiful setting, and so cool that they swing vegan!

Rum eh? Yo Ho-Ho.

I'm still on the vodka.

Jesse said...

I'll be thinking about that fried green tomato sandwich for days now...great post!

Vegan Flower said...

I want to try a fried green tomato sandwich. Yum!

Love that you're getting antioxidants with your drinks.

Jessica said...

This whole day looks amazing. I need some fried green tomatoes. Also, looks like a really nice restaurant in the country. How'd you find it?

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Michelle, Chinese buffet sounds better to me!

FF, the Tomatoes are unripe. Just think how much fun you could have ripping them from the hands of hungry homeless people!

Rose, I want to be on the vodka, but in Virginia, the liquor stores have bankers hours. Hoping to stock up soon.

Jesse, it was a pretty sh*tty post but that's nice of you to say that.

VF, thanks! I'm behind on your blog. Food pics require more focus for me.

Jessica, believe it or not, there's a lot of recon work going into these lunches. We get to restaurants via motorcycle, so twisty/hillly roads at least 40-50 miles away are de rigueur.

xvavaveganx said...

Ooooh the fried green tomato sandwich looks SO GOOD! That bread looks amazing!

kimberly said...

fried green tomatoes!!!!! it's so great to see that they're real.

ps--motorcycle you say?? i didn't know you were such a bad ass! :)