Wednesday, March 20, 2013

WTF Wednesday

'Everything' fell off my Everything Bagel when I sliced it this morning. I literally lost everything.
Lentil Chili from Wegman's for lunch. It was surprisingly great.
My Blog's Signature Dish with Chard for dinner.
I saw this Chocolove Bar recommended somewhere. Gotta admit, it was a good rec.
Today was apparently 'National Critter Non-Cooperation Picture Taking Day'. No one told me. I'll try again tomorrow when I'm taking eight hours leave just so I won't have to go into the office. What exciting food will I eat on my day off?


foodfeud said...

man, at least you didn't homemake the bagels and then boil off all the toppings. That happened to me once and it was very sad.
The chocolate bar is good! Thanks for reminding me. Chard is also good, but I'm less likely to take up that recommendation.

Anonymous said...

Your food always looks so good!
Just wondering if you ever eat any snacks or if you usually just have your meals?

xvavaveganx said...

Yikes, bummer about all of the goodness falling off of the bagel. That's the one thing that I don't like about everything bagels... everything falls off and it gets so messy... and I'm beginning to realize just how high maintenance I am when it comes to my meals ;) I've heard Chocolove is really good and the almonds and sea salt sound like a great combination! I'll have to keep that in mind!

Ooooh a day off, lucky you! Enjoy it!

Ingrid said...

I understand the "everything" falling off the "everything" bagel. I seem to lose 1/3 when slicing, 1/3 when toasting (or putting into toaster).

That Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt bar is quite good!

I understand the animal non-cooperation. I, as a human, participate in the holiday, too. ;)

Unknown said...

I wonder if "everything" falls off is it then a "nothing" bagel? With aroma of the "everything" it once was? (((((Deep thoughts a la classic SNL episodes))))
Still looks delicious!
Who knew wegmans would have a vegan chili for you? Lots o lentils in that shot.
Soooooo jealous of your day off... I predict furry cuddles and sleeping past 7am.

Anonymous said...

That bagel looks like a great breakfast despite everything falling off of it. I agree about the chocolate. It's definitely one of my favorites. So, so delicious!

Hopefully the critters are more cooperative with the photo taking today. :)

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

FF, I always assumed the Bagel toppings were added after boiling. What kind of toppings were you thinking could survive a boiling?

1eded7a4-91c0-11e2-bd5a-000bcdca4d7a, what a cool name. Aside from the Pretzels from the vending machine at work, I show everything I eat. No unseen Fruits & Veggies being ingested here.

VaVa, because we don't have NYC Bagels down here, it's not as huge a tragedy when they lose their goodness.

Ingrid, I was going to consult with you on how to keep Everything on my Everything Bagel. No advice, huh?

Unknown. Wegman's is trying to play catch-up with WF's finally. You know I slept and slept this morning. It was wonderful.

Molly, everyone was super apologetic about not cooperating yesterday. I was able to get Teddy during a power nap this afternoon.

foodfeud said...

The directions in Vegan Brunch incorrectly tell you to boil the bagels post-topping. :(