Monday, March 11, 2013

WTF Monday

Today started off really well: Pesto Cream Cheese on a Toasted Garlic Bagel for breakfast (can't eat that in the office)...
Field Roast Franks and TJ's Tots for lunch...this was a decent choice...
Then I totally blanked on what to have for dinner. Went with the Hazelnut Cranberry Field Roast En Croute with Imagine Mushroom Gravy and Baked Potatoes cuz it's so simple to just toss it all in the oven and forget about it till it's done. Way too much food.
Then I had to eat dessert for the blog, so I went with a Chocolate Donut from Vegan Treats via Loving Hut.
Now I feel sort of gross. Why'd I eat so much? It is all the blogs fault.


foodfeud said...

Haha! I like the idea that since you don't need to talk to people at the office you can eat all the stinky garlicky food you want. You could have taken way more advantage of that, but I also like that you ate yrself silly including the donut. At least yr own toilet is close and private.

xvavaveganx said...

The food looks pretty great to me! You are definitely perfecting the NYC schmear. I can't remember ever eating a garlic bagel but I would definitely have to agree that is a WFH breakfast ;) Gotta love the tots as always and that donut! Holy yum, it looks incredible!

Trust me, being a photographer isn't always glamorous. Some people with a heightened sense of entitlement (remember I work mostly on Long Island and in NYC) treat vendors like total crap. Also, most of my logged hours are in the studio doing monotonous work (editing photos). It's definitely not a career... still figuring that out.

Miss Rachel said...

It all looks delicious to me. I think Field Roast en croute is kind of the Official Food of the Shenandoah Vegan (tm).

(Bachelor tonight, but I don't get ABC so I'll be catching it on Hulu tomorrow morning. I'm wondering if Des is going to make a comeback.)

Ingrid said...

Toasted Garlic Bagel, yum! Whenever I enjoy an onion bagel, I need to brush my teeth (or risk offending!) - so eating one at work wouldn't fly for me either.

There are vegan donuts at my Whole Food store - saw them yesterday. Maybe one Saturday I'll eat one for you. ;)

I am going to email Bhakti Chai and see what happens. . .

Unknown said...

That is a legit nyc style bagel and schmear you had there!!
And don"t get me started on co-worker meal smells- garlic would be a welcome're over kind to think of it bothering someone.
For a toss in the oven meal dinner looks amazing. If you're too full for dessert then just label the photo as "the awesome dessert i didnt have because i was too full so i gave it to mr sv and he says it didnt suck".

Anonymous said...

See, that garlic bagel seems like a good thing to eat at work to me because then people might leave me alone. ha!

I'm really craving a donut now. Really great food day overall.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

FF, one of the few job perks I have is that I don't need to 'interface', but folks still choose to gab at me so I occasionally have to open my smelly maw. The toilets at home and at work both have their pros and cons.

VaVa, being a professional photographer is probably one of the best careers anyone can have (except for vegan bakery owner).

Miss Rachel, I only have a box and a quarter left of the Field Roast En Croute (till next season). So relieved that Sean picked Catherine! Lindsay was so annoying. Not thrilled with Des as the new Bachelorette.

Ingrid, my local WFs have never had vegan donuts. Emailing Bhakti Chai will not stop me from coming to stay with you, so don't bother.

Unknown, nah, not a legit NYC schmear yet. I work with a lot of folks who bring in homemade curry dishes that they heat up in the microwave, so I know I'm not the worst in the office. Thanks for the "Get Out Of Dessert Free" card;-) Mr. SV is grateful as well.

RVs, the Garlic Bagel would really be pushing it even for me.