Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thursday, March 21st

No breakfast today. Lunch was at Mr. Noodle and Rice. Teriyaki Tofu with a small Sake to celebrate being on vacation.
After lunch, I stopped into Sharp Shopper. This isn't an accurate representation of my typical haul mainly because I don't get to Sharp Shopper very often and all the juice was for Mr. SVegetarian. However, the Flaxmilk, Paper Towels, PB, Individual Juices & Crackers were all only .50 each, not to mention the incredibly low prices on everything else, so that's why I'm posting this haul.
Wegman's Chickeness Nuggets with Heinz-57 and Sweet Potato Fries with Artichoke Red Pepper Dip for dinner.
Many years ago, I bought these Santa Slippers at Macy's as a gift for myself the day after Christmas. Upon first sight, the pups decided these were the greatest toys ever. The slippers have been in constant use since then, carried outside, hidden inside, tossed in the air, chewed on and slept with...but never once worn by me.
Carryout from CPK tomorrow. Cool blog.


xvavaveganx said...

OMG I can't stop laughing at the blog. I loved the picture of 8 hipsters at one table. And that's why I hate taking pics in public, lol! Such a great find!!

Lunch looked so good! I'm jealous of the sake too. I've been wanting to imbibe an adult beverage recently but haven't yet. I may have to pick up a bottle of wine this weekend.

Great haul! Sounds like some pretty great prices there. Dinner looks delicious and comforting and I definitely would love to eat that cookie with my nonexistent wine ;)

foodfeud said...

Whoa, whoa, wait. You are hanging out with mr. Noodle and Rice on vacation and he lured you with sake? Does mr SV know about that? Are you buying the juice out of a guilty conscience? Wow.
those are some pretty intense shopping deals. The Planters mix sounds really interesting. Is it nuts, or a mixed spread? I guess I'll have to wait to find out, and stick around to see what happens with mr. Noodle and Rice.

Anonymous said...

That is a great blog you linked to. Ha! I hope that I don't end up on there, though.......

Do you have a vacation day just today? It looks like a great day! Lunch looks delicious and that score at the store is amazing. Seriously, 50 cents?! And is that tree free paper towel? What do they make it out of? I'm full of questions today, sorry.

Such a funny story about the slippers. At least they're getting a lot of use, even if you've never worn them. :)

Ingrid said...

HA HA! It's like they took a picture of all of us while we try to be all incognito taking photos. I like to think I'm actually less obvious than they are. . .probably not.

I love the "exhausted pup with a paw on the toy" look. One of my favorites.

Can't wait to see the asparagus in action!

Unknown said...

50 cent flaxmilk?? And other such goodies? Thats awesome.
Glad you slept thru breakfast- that tofu action sounds great and the mr SVegetarian made me giggle. And sake with lunch is genius.
Glad the mainstream market is carrying vegan friendly foods- thats how we get more omnis on the straight and narrow ;)
Adorable pup shot- so funny that pets will turn up their nose at pricey special toys and just go with what they find.
That blog is hysterical!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

VaVa, and I thought I was the one with an alcohol problem...

FF, Mr. Noodle & Rice has nothing on Mr. SV at this time. I just bought the juice cuz I can't resist a deal. You're still the only one who can bring the dramz to the blogging arena.

Molly, yep, a vacation day was taken. The paper towels say they're made of bi-products from the sugar cane industry as well as fast growing grasses including bamboo. At .50/ roll, they're pretty absorbent.

Ingrid, after a while you don't care who sees you taking pics of your meals F' em for not getting it. Hopefully you will see the Asparagus in action tomorrow.

Unknown, yeah, the cashier asked me how the Flaxmilk was. I was like, 'For 50 cents, who cares?'. She agreed. I couldn't get more perfect toys for the pups if I tried. They really honed in on those Santas.

sara said...

ha, that's a great blog you linked to. i try to be discreet but it's not easy :)

nice score on the flax milk and everything else!