Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday, March 17th

Got my green on at Faang. Beautiful Avocado Sushi...
and Tofu with Cashew Nuts...
Dinner again showed how serious I am about celebrating this holiday.
Dessert for next St. Patrick's Day will be these Shillelaghs. I didn't see the recipe in time to make them for today.


foodfeud said...

The shillelaghs do look tasty. Thanks for the link. You don't think you could just whip em up right now and make them anyway?
The sushi really is gorgeous.
How did the bagel taste? I will never forget the St. Patricks day my boyfriend poured almost an entire bottle of green food dye in my 40oz of beer and I had to dump the whole 40 because I was disgusted by the color.

xvavaveganx said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day! Haha looks like you really embraced the green! The avocado sushi looks delicious and the tofu dish looked great as always. The green bagel is so fun! Perfect way to end the day :) The Shillelaghs look so good too! I hope to see them next year :)

Oh and btw, I didn't see it yesterday but noticed when reading back on the comments today... do restaurants always add the gratuity in to the bill by you? I feel like it would make my life so much easier if they did that here!

Ingrid said...

I agree with Maud - make the shillelaghs anyway!

Ok, what kind of bagel was it? Only food coloring, or did they flavor it?

Tofu with cashew looks tasty.

Only larger parties of 6 or 8 and higher are automatic gratuity. If there are fancy schmancy places that do it here - I haven't been there.

Laloofah said...

You definitely got your green on today! That's some mighty festive food. The sushi is beautiful, and I love how they're arranged to look like clovers (5-leaf clovers, no less - extra lucky!)

That tofu dish looks delicious. And is that green hummus on your bagel? I've spied lots of green hummus recipes lately! I've never had cukes on a bagel before. Very adventurous! :-)

And I agree with Maud and Ingrid, shillelagh away any day! :-) Feel free to change the name if it helps - make them for April 15th and call them "Stickin' it to Me Income Tax Whole Wheat and Oat Sticks" if you'd like. LOL

Unknown said...

Gorgeous green grub here! The sushi shape is fun- i always love the pickled ginger and ask for extra.
Love the green bagel Shen-wich- do you toast first? I often have hummus on bagels but need to try the cucumber on there too to see what the fuss is about.
The oat sticks/owl poop/irish-ish thingys look good for snacking, the recipe looks like it makes a lot of them!

Anonymous said...

I would be all over that sushi. It's gorgeous! Love the green dinner, too.

Laurie's shillelaghs recipe does look great. I've got it pinned to try eventually.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, what kind of Irish broad are you???? St. Patrick is rolling over in his grave from these stories! The bagel didn't really taste like anything, hence the Cream Cheese & Cucumber with S&P. I didn't see the recipe till the day was almost over and I was 'in for the night'.

VaVa, no, local restaurants usually only add gratuity for parties of 6 or more. I'm glad they added the gratuity to that Groupon situation. I never would've guessed how much the non-discounted Brunch would've cost.

Ingrid, it was just a plain bagel died green. Wish it had been an Everything or Garlic Bagel. I've got those for future Cucumber and Tofutti feasting. Agree on the gratuity for 6 or more.

Laloofah, you are way more clever than I am with these recipe titles, however, I'm looking forward to properly celebrating St. Paddys 2014 with a classic Shillelagh recipe (as posted by you). If you come up with any other holiday recipes, I'd advise posting them a day or two before the actual holiday. Not the night of.

Unknown, how odd, I never eat the pickled Ginger. I'm sure they would have no issues giving you extra. Totally toast first. I may have to halve that recipe unless I'm up for a giveaway in a year.

Molly, I'm not a pinner. Too high tech for me. I will remember though.