Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday, November 21st

Breakfast was some Apple Butter I'd bought at the Farmer's Market a month ago. I didn't have any English Muffins, so I had it on Oatmeal Bread. It was really delicious Apple Butter.
Lunch was at Viet Chopsticks where I enjoyed the #8 Lunch Special...Vegetarian Summer Roll...
with Tofu and Vegetables $10.95 including beverage.
Tostadas for dinner.
A super old and nasty Boom Choco Boom Bar for dessert. Practically broke my teeth on this thing. Foul aftertaste as well. Poo!
Since the Rambling Vegans decided to fold up shop, there's been a dearth of pup pics on the vegan blogs. Here is a pic of the love on my life pondering all his lentil-filled bowel movements since ingesting a bag of Bob's Red Mill Vegi Soup Mix a couple days ago.
Coming up tomorrow: My least favorite holiday.


Ingrid said...

Such a sweet face! Is this Poley? Ha, ha contemplating his bowel movements! At least it wasn't a sock or ball. ;)

I love apple butter! I bet it was fantastic on oatmeal bread.

Wishing you a decent day at the Thanksgiving event - it's a buffet, like last year, yes?

Anonymous said...

We didn't close up, just aren't using Blogger anymore. ;)

Plenty of pup pics and food yet!

Looks like a fantastic food day for you.

xvavaveganx said...

Awww love love love your pup's sweet face! Your whole crew never fails to make me smile. Such sweethearts. I really need to adopt/rescue a fur child soon. So much love!

That breakfast looks great and I think oat bread is a perfect accompaniment to apple butter! It looks delicious. Lunch looks great too, and it looks like you get a lot for the price. Great find! Bummer about the old chocolate! At least your teeth are in tact!

Since you don't like Thanksgiving I'll just say Happy Thursday and enjoy your time off! :)

Miss Rachel said...

Lunch looks like a pretty good deal. Love those Vietnamese rolls. What is your tostada recipe / method? It looks like something I'd like to try. I was going to ask you what you're doing for Thanksgiving, but I guess I'll check back here to find out. Very cute doggie!

foodfeud said...

How can you not like Thanksgiving?? You love Tofurkey, desserts, and ya got cute pups + mr. SV. Whatever, I'm trying real hard not to be a pill today.
Apple butter is so great when it's good.
Too bad about the chocolate bar... I guess that happens sometimes when you have so much stuff stockpiled and so many options.
Try to enjoy the day. Hope you aren't still cleaning up remnants of lentils...

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

Ingrid, yes, he's my beloved Poley. We did the AYCE buffet this year.

VaVa, Happy Thursday to you as well. Give Delilah and Tyler hugs for me.

Molly, a new URL!

Miss Rachel, I just smear Refried Beans on a Tostada, sprinkle a little Daiya, bake in the oven for 15 minutes, top with Salsa and Shredded Lettuce and Sour Supreme or Avocado. Whichever is your preference. Will we see your T'giving?

FF, the Tofurky component of T'giving is relatively new. I hate the gluttony, forced family time, waste and carnage. Not necessarily in that order. Be a pill, fine by me.