Saturday, November 17, 2012

Saturday, November 17th

Breakfast was a Tofurky Reuben $4.99 at The Common Market....
and lunch was a little bit of Green Curry Tofu off their hot bar...
Dinner was Seitan and Quinoa with Chickpeas from WF's.
Dessert was some Pecan Fingers from  East Side Ovens....
Of semi-interest but a few weeks late.... The Washingtonian Magazine does a weekly Food Diary on various types of lifestyles and recently did one on Dennis Kucinich's wife, Elizabeth. It was somewhat interesting: A Vegan Diet On A Very Busy Schedule.


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh what delicious eats today! wow. and i look forward to checking out that article! thanks for sharing:)

foodfeud said...

Aww, I love that article. She eats kale chips! I'm putting Kucinich as a write-in next election.
The reuben looks amazing, especially for that price.

Rose said...

Vegan rueben for you're talkin'. Love it.

Liked the article too. Maybe she'll be first lady someday!.(Here's hoping), and they can rock the White House with vegan galas and the like.

Anonymous said...

That reuben looks terrific.

We ended up getting the Gardein roast, which I'm glad to hear that you like. We're looking forward to it!

Ingrid said...

How exactly is this Tofurky Reuben constructed? I'd like to think I could make it, considering I won't be near Maryland any time soon.

One thing I haven't seen at the WF hot bar is seitan. Yours does look good.

Elizabeth's diet is pretty clean, I could probably learn a few things from her. Now I have to go look up "kefir" and "rice kedgeree".

xvavaveganx said...

What great looking food today! The reuben looks pretty perfect. I've never seen seitan at my Whole Foods hot bar either. Usually just tofu. I wish they'd serve tempeh so I don't have to figure out how to make it haha.

Very cool article! She eats a really healthy, colorful diet, I may have to start using her as an inspiration since I feel like I've been getting off track lately. I love her idea for dinner of a green food, an orange food and some sort of rice and bean combo. It's simple, easy and delicious! Thanks for posting that!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

GFHTummy, thanks! Still planning to cook lots of your recipes one of these years.

FF, Dennis Kucinich is definitely someone to be admired in terms of being outspokenly vegan long before it was 'popularized' by Clinton and Kathy Freston types. $5 for the Reuben is a steal. Don't draw attention to it or they might raise the price.

Rose, by the time I get up on the weekend, breakfast service is usually over everywhere.

Molly, how will we know if you liked the Gardein Roast?

Ingrid, the Reuben appears to be comprised of: Tofurky regular deli slices, Vegan Thousand Island Dressing, Vegan Cheese and some really outstanding Sauerkraut. It's the Sauerkraut that really it to the next level. I never even had a Reuben till I became vegan.

VaVa, I guess we're pretty lucky then, cuz my local WFs has quite a bit of both Seitan and Tempeh on their hot/cold bars. But we don't have a Fairway, so we're even. Sounds like you read the Kucinich article a lot better than I did. I will have to go back and re-read it.

Melissa said...

That sandwich looks delish! yum

<3 Melissa