Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday, November 18th

Breakfast was at Busboys and Poets, where I really enjoyed the Vegan Egg Scramble $10. Tofu Scramble with Mixed Vegetables served with Vegan Sausage and Home Fries.
Breakfast was so good, I got a Vegan Tuna Salad Sandwich $9 to go. Chickpeas with Relish, Nori, Carrot, Celery, Red Onion and Vegan Mayo served on toasted French Bread with Lettuce and Tomato. This Sandwich was great too. So Busboys and Poets is now on my favorite list alongside Clare & Don's. Not sure what happened, I used to find B & P's grub pretty mediocre.
I was so stuffed from all the above (and I didn't even eat the Fries, Mr. SV & the pups got those), that I only had room for dessert tonight: Coconut Bliss Ginger Cookie Caramel. Bliss is right. For serious. 
Typical WFH grub tomorrow.


xvavaveganx said...

That breakfast looks like serious business. And it looks absolutely perfect. You can't ask for a better Sunday brunch than that. What do you drink with breakfast? Just water or do you go for juice/coffee/tea? Just curious ;)

The sandwich looks great and the ice cream flavor sounds delicious! Yum!

Rose said...

All the food looks super yummy! I love the sound and look of both the scramble plate and the tunaless sandwich. Vegan food is truly awesome.

Coconut Bliss is my favorite ice cream...haven't seen the Ginger cookie caramel flavor...must have a look next time I'm out.

Ingrid said...

Good looking food day! It's nice when restaurants up their game and serve tasty food. I am definitely envious of both the scramble plate and the sandwich!

Enjoy your day WFH!

Miss Rachel said...

That breakfast looks especially spectacular. I haven't had home fries in a while.

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

VaVa, I never want to go through Coffee withdrawal again, so my morning beverage choice is unsweetened Iced Tea. There's supposedly more caffeine in Tea than in Coffee, but I never had Iced Tea withdrawal.

Rose, I remember you saying you loved Coconut Bliss when I found it on sale last time. According to the CB website, there are quite a few interesting flavors. Unfortunately, WFs just has a few mundane choices.

Ingrid, I am happy to know I achieved my goal of making others envious of my vegan grub.

Miss Rachel, it was a spectacular breakfast. Even the little packets of Apple Jelly and Margarine were delicious.