Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, November 2nd

Blah blah blah....
So on to lunch. Once upon a time: I would get carryout from The Perfect Pita at least several times a week. I loved it so much. Little did I know, their Hummus was made with feta cheese. As soon as I found out, it was 'Bye bye, PP' but I felt violated. They saw the error of their ways and their Hummus is now vegan. Cut to present day: I picked up a Mediterranean Sampler $5.49 for old times sake. A TON of food (which I like) (White Bean Salad, Hummus & Tabbouleh). Good grub, to be sure, but I'm small minded and hold a grudge so I don't know how soon I'll be returning. If ever.
Field Roast Franks with TJ's Tots for dinner. Still no Relish in the house.
Retro Candy for dessert.
Enough frivolity. Every one's favorite blogger is safe and sound and that is all that matters. Even Mr. SV inquired about her tonight! It was so cute. I was happy to say she is okay.


foodfeud said...

Non vegan hummus makes me sad. I've only encountered that once and it was in France and while I was pissed, I could just be like "oh, those French." There is no other excuse.
Nice presentation on the sampler though.
Looking at those Jujubes makes my teeth hurt.
I am glad VAVA is okay too. Not just saying that cuz I know she can't see this anyway.

Ingrid said...

I hear ya - one bad restaurant experience makes it difficult for me to trust them to get it right! Good for you, and hopefully good for your taste buds, for trying Perfect Pita again.

Get this lady some relish! STAT!

Agreed - good to hear that Sarah is well!

xvavaveganx said...

Aww thank you so much Shen. I randomly decided to check one or two posts when I got to work today since we have power and I feel very disconnected with the world and I'm so touched by your kind words. Please thank Mr. SV for his concern as well, that was so sweet to read! You guys are awesome <3

Haha FF, that's hilarious because I totally saw it but I appreciate it! Thanks to you too Ingrid!!

Miss Rachel said...

Yup, we all love the Vava Vegan. Thanks for the shout-out last post, by the way. Sorry I missed it, but today is a new day!!! Enjoy those Jujies!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!!

FF, what is up with those French anyway? So you are still refusing to go to the dentist, eh?

Ingrid, buying Relish is my main goal for tomorrow (well, buying some socks too).

VaVa, you've definitely got ninja powers to be able to spring from Cyclone Sandy unscathed!

Miss Rachel, what is most impressive is that I did not feel gross and digusting after eating the Jujyfruits. Two nights in a row no less.