Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday, November 23rd

Breakfast was Avocado Sushi $4.50 at Faang. (The Cucumber Sushi was Mr. SV's).
Lunch was Tofu and Cashews $11.
The Gardein Roast is currently defrosting in the fridge, so dinner was Boca Burgers with Daiya Cheddar Wedge and Oven Fries.
Dessert was more Fries. Today was the last nice day we're supposed to have for a long time, so the chickens were out enjoying the gorgeous weather and leftover cold Oatmeal.
They concurred that it was really good Oatmeal.
It was an eventful day. Buttercup slipped out of the barn and managed to elude capture for several hours. She was so pleased with herself, but also happy to get back inside on her own volition.
I hope I get to go out to lunch again tomorrow.


Ingrid said...

Catching up, allow me to say that I, too, am thankful that Thanksgiving is over. We still have a lot of people in town, but the stress of the actual day is removed.

Excellent breakfast and lunch choices.

I am looking forward to your review of the Gardein Roast.

Lovely chickens, and what a naughty Buttercup! It would be hard to stay mad with that cute face.

xvavaveganx said...

Great looking meals today! I love avocado rolls. So delicious!

Love the critter pics!! The chickens are certainly enjoying their delicious oatmeal and I love how mischievous Buttercup is (even though I am sure it was annoying for you ha!). Such a cutiepants!

foodfeud said...

You know, I like avocado sushi but I feel like it needs more texture... it's just too gooey alone. But if you combine avo WITH cucumber, it's gold. Just my 2 cents, though. Or 4.99.
I love the chicken pictures. A chicken book came into work the day before Thanksgiving and there are so many different kinds and they are so beautiful (actually the book was called Beautiful Chickens, ha) I was like HOW CAN ANYONE EAT THIS TOMORROW??

Miss Rachel said...

Avocado rolls are my favorite. I've never had them for breakfast, but it sounds like a good idea.

Yea for pet chickens!

The Shenandoah Vegan said...

Hey Now!!!

Ingrid, so you have relatives that travel to Denver for Thanksgiving? That seems like a nice place to 'have to' go for the holiday.

VaVa, wish I could get some professional quality critters pics. Don't know how you do it.

FF, I feel the opposite about Avocado Sushi. I think it's a rip off when they add Cucumber to the Avocado. I was given a book of Chicken portraits as a gift several years ago. I think if was called something like Radical Chickens though. Chickens are beautiful and magical creatures. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

Miss Rachel, aren't Avocado Rolls great? I need to eat them with more frequency. We all do!

Anonymous said...

Buttercup looks so much like Crystal in that shot. She didn't have the whit on her leg, but otherwise, oh man. <3

The chickens are so beautiful. I love when you post photos of your companions.